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Question Gear Shift Moves but Does Not Engage Automatic Transmission

Hi there...

I have been lurking and searching these forums for about a month or so. But I cannot find anything similar to my problem. So I am hoping someone here can help me out before finally give up and take it to the shop.

I have a 2007 Chevy cobalt LS 4-door Automatic. Has about 130k miles. Check engine light is not on, and I had it double checked to see if there any codes...but there are none.

So, my cobalt will not engage the transmission when I shift into any gear d/r/n/1/2.

I have already taken apart the center console and checked the gear shifter...I did have a broken pin that is a common problem on the shifters....but I fixed it with the Dorman shift linkage repair kit at advance auto. The solenoid in the shifter and brake seem to work fine as well.

I checked the fuses, especially the ECM in the engine compartment and the inside passenger side. They looked fine and I even replaced just in case.

Nothing made a difference and the tranny still does not engage when moving the shifter. When I step on the gas the RPM's go up, but the car will not move.

The weird thing is it's like the car is stuck in park, even when I put it in neutral, we can not push the car. I had someone rock me really hard, and then I was able to get the transmission in gear. I do not think its the parking prawl stuck because I am on completely level ground. I live in south Florida and we don't really have any hills. Haha.

Soon as I put the car back in park....I cannot get it to engage the transmission again. I don't feel the gears engage at all, normally I could feel the transmission click into gear. I checked my shifter cable and it seems to work fine, I had someone move the shifter back and forth and I see it moving the bracket on top of the transmission.

My fluid is good and no leaks. I had no transmission problems before hand, no slipping, noises, burning smells or anything, so I find it hard to believe the trans can be bad all of a sudden.

So I'm hoping someone may have a clue or something I can check or try before I take it to the shop for repair.

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