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Originally Posted by Coby7 View Post
Didn't you get instructions with the harnesses?
Yes, the harnesses came with instructions, but they are not entirely clear to me. The wires are for the most part color matching. I have used butt couplers in the past for stereo installations, but because this job has 3 harnesses (stereo harness, factory harness with chimes and turn signals, and steering wheel control harness), I found out that I should probably use closed-end connectors so that I can connect all 3 wires.

With that behind me, I am still confused about where/how to make the connections for the steering wheel harness.

Here are the PAC instructions for the steering wheel harness:
The SWI-RC's wire color we are going to use is Green. This is the Green wire on the SWI-RC, not the vehicle!
The other wires on the SWI-RC, white, yellow, orange and blue wires are not used for your Chevrolet Cobalt.

This leaves you with a Red, Black and two loop wires. These wires will be discussed down below.

2. Picture of the Chevrolet Cobalt plug.

The vehicle's factory harness connector is viewed from the pin side not wire side.

3. Connecting the SWI-RC's steering wheel control input wire to vehicle plug.

Read the note in the chart below.
Connect the SWI-RC's Green wire to pin 11 (dk. blue) in connector 1 of the above connector.
Connect pin 14 (white/black) in connector 2 to +12v accessory.

4. Connecting power and ground wires.

Black wire: Connect the SWI-RC's black wire to chassis ground. This is usually a black wire on the aftermarket wire kit.

Red wire: Connect the SWI-RC's red wire to a switched +12volt wire. This is usually a red wire on the aftermarket wire kit.

I isolated the green, red, and black wires on the SWI-RC, since these are the only wires to be used. The Chevy factory harness connectors shown in the picture appear to be the plugs that go directly into the stereo head unit. From what I have seen online, everyone is tapping into a connector directly underneath the steering column. Is there a matching harness connector in this location that I need to route the green wire to, or do I only focus on the wiring directly behind the stereo head unit?

On the stereo head unit factory harness connectors, I located the #11 pin (blue) and the #14 pin (black/white), but how I am I supposed to connect to them? Surely I'm not supposed to alter the factory connectors by removing these wires from the plugs and connecting them directly to my SWI-RC? The only way I know to keep the factory wires in place and make the necessary connections is with a T-Tap connector, but the instructions specifically say not to use T-taps.

The other mystery to me is how to connect the #14 pin. Assuming I use a T-tap, the instructions say to connect the +12 V accessory wire (red) to the #14 pin. But the instructions also say to connect the +12 V accessory (red wire) to the red wire from the stereo harness. I can't connect to both places....
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