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Originally Posted by Coby7 View Post
The switched voltage in a Cobalt is pink (not red) and called Ignition 1 Voltage. Maybe this pin-out will help you a bit.

I usually pull out the pin from the connector and solder on the crimped portion of the pin and re-insert back into the connector, this makes for a clean install. But I realise that not everybody has pin extractors. So your other option is to strip a half inch section of the wire jacket and solder to it and tape over the junction point. You can also cut and strip and join all 3 in a butt connector or in-line. Do you have a picture of your harnesses?
Where is that connector plug with the pink wire, Coby7?

Here are some pictures I took:

I am holding the 3 harnesses together in the last picture. I think this is the correct setup?
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