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After wiring everything up with the harnesses, I attempted to install the stereo and got nothing-----no power, lights, or sound whatsoever. After looking more closely at the harness, I realized that the left harness seemed to be missing some wires, as only the rear speaker wires were present. I took the harness back to the store where I bought it and they accepted the return and sold me the correct harness.

Got everything re-wired and installed this morning----success! The chimes work, and I programmed the steering wheel controls to work with the new Alpine head unit. Bluetooth mic is installed and working, so overall I am satisfied with the installation.

The only problem is that I am still getting speaker distortion!!! This was the main reason for installing a new head unit. The speakers are aftermarket Sony's that I installed about 3 years ago. They worked great from the get-go, but over the last several months have started noticeably distorting, even at low volumes. I have a hard time believing the speakers were overdriven to the point of damage, considering that the factory head unit didn't have very much power and my girlfriend keeps her music at a reasonable volume.

Any idea on what could be causing the problem? Now that I know the head unit is not the cause, I am going to take a closer look at the speakers. Another theory is that the speakers may be grounding out (what the guy at the store told me). If replacing the speakers AGAIN is the fix, I'll do it, but I would hate to spend the money, time, and effort only to have the new speakers distorting, as well. If anyone has encountered this problem before, I definitely could use some help.
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