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09 Cobalt Error Codes

Hello everyone, I have some error codes that I need some help with. I had some lights come on during a drive one day and my car went into ENGINE POWER REDUCED, and it also said SERVICE TRACTION, CHECK TIRE PRESSURE, and SERVICE AIRBAGS. I started up my car with the check engine light still on, but the ENGINE POWER REDUCED and also the other errors were gone on the dash, and it drove shifting normally. I took my car to autozone, and here are the codes that I get. After I got done at autozone, when i started to take off it went into engine power reduced, and transmission shifts aweful and clunky. I just wish I knew someone with a tech II to read the errors, i think it would narrow it down more.

P0641 - Sensor Reference Voltage A Circuit/Open
P0700 - Clutch Switch Circuit Malfunction (M49/MM6)
P0976 - 2-3 Shift Solenoid (ss) Control Circuit Low Voltage
P0700 - Clutch Switch Circuit Malfunction (M49/MM6)
Po976 - 2-3 Shift Solenoid (ss) Control Circuit Low Voltage

Does anyone know where I should start? I appreciate any help I can get!

Thanks guys!
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