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New Clutch for Stock Cobalt 2006 2.2L


My clutch is starting to slip. I've read some discussion on clutches in here but most of it is for high performance.

I have a 2006 LS 2.2L 5 Speed / 175k miles / completely stock and would like to spend a little money as possible. While the motor/trans is out is there anything else I should check and or replace that are easy to get to? Should I have all the engine / transmission mounts replaced? What about timing chain / tension inspection? What is easy to inspect or get replaced during a clutch replacement?

I found a shop that will install for me and resurface flywheel for $500, if I come up with the parts which seems like a decent deal.

My question is which clutch kit should I buy?

Rock Auto has the following:
LUK 04246 $170
Brute Power 92659 $180
M-PACT 0421WS $192
EXEDY GMK1010 $232

Should I get new engine/trans mounts while I'm at it? Main output shaft bearing or seal? Can anyone recommend if I should buy a new flywheel or have the old one resurfaced?

The car is just my daily beater but I do plan on keeping it for a few more years.

Thanks in advance.

2006 Cobalt LS 2.2 / 5 Speed Coupe / 166k Miles

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