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Originally Posted by money_man View Post
My dad owns a transmission shop. We pretty much exclusively use LUK clutch kits for stock applications. I can't remember a time one has failed prematurely and they are always of the highest quality. Actually I put one into my old cobalt.

Exedy I find to be hit or miss. I've replaced quite a few because they've blown the springs out of the clutch disc.
Awesome, I just ordered one from rock auto, should be here in a few days. I read LUK is a German company, and makes good clutches.

I've talked to shops that want to install and warranty their own parts. A clutch really is just a clutch I think unless you're going for performance - I've seen the way more expensive Exedy Stage2/3.

About $700 and hopefully I'll have a brand new clutch (should feel better than before I bought the car a year and half ago) by next week. Not bad and I guess not worth selling or junking the car.


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