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2005 Cobalt LS Door locks / key fob / clicking noise

Hello all,

This is my first post, and I'm only posting because I haven't found a fix for almost a year.

Symptoms: power lock switches and key fob lock/unlock buttons do not work to unlock the power locks. Potentially related, there is a clicking noise for 5-10 service everytime i turn the car on.

The car went through a phase where the locks kept cycling through lock/unlock by itself. I have replaced the driverside lock switch. The key fob trunk button works and the power locks work when the car is put in drive/park, so I don't believe key fob or the power locks themselves are the problem.

Does anyone have any ideas or had this problem before?

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Seems like it may be time to send your keyfob off to Coby7 for a quick refurb/ cleaning the contacts, replacing the battery, and testing. This would verify no issues with the transmitter. That would take about a week due to time it takes the mail to travel there and back. While that is happening, a few detailed questions and answers will pin point where the problem is.

Such as a .......potentially unrelated clicking of the recirculating air blend door actuator.....

Try activating it as you turn the key on and see if it stopps the ckicking.
@Coby7 @1966tbird
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Well I just don't think it is the keyfob (and I could be wrong) because the power lock buttons in the car don't work either. I've taken apart the keyfob and cleaned the connection points, tried the 'small piece of cardboard in between for a more secure contact' method.

What do you mean by, "Try activating it as you turn the key on and see if it stopps the ckicking."

Thanks @1966tbird
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If you have a 2005 Cobalt and your FOBs still work, you're the first. I rebuild a half dozen of these every day and some are a lot newer. Try pulling the 2 blue/gray connectors and re-seating them on the body control module. That will clean any possible corrosion from the contacts. Do your doors lock when you shift to drive?

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On your AC control panel, you have a button for recurlating air that illuminates when activted.
The next time you get into your car to start the engine, activate your air recurlating and see if the clicking stops.
Mind you, as you said, the clicking only lasts for ~10 sec.....so be quick. Listen to where the clicking ic coming from...like from the glove box area???
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Sorry for the late replies...

@Coby7 My door locks DO lock/unlock when I shift to drive, and even sometimes just randomly. Where are the 2 blue/gray connections and body control module located? On the fob or in the car? Also, the battery connection point on the fob is detaching, but would this be the cause of my lock/keyfob problems?

@1966tbird the noise does come from the glovebox area, and if I press the recirculating air button while the clicking is going, it stops. So what does this mean then?
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Paul.....on the clicking....
It means that $5.00 diverter motor needs fixed/replaced yet it is a full day job to get to it.
It is located on the far right side of the ac air box. It looks quite like the 2 motors near the drivers right foot.
To get to the recirculating air diverter motor, one must remove the top dash pad, and pass air bag and, and, and.....
Just to get to the 2 screws and one connector.

By the way,
have you checked the cabin air filter just below the glove box?
There you will see the diverter and can get an idea where the motor is located. Again its a $5.00 part but a $500.00 job.....on a good day.
Coby7 has a fix....he just disables it

On your keyfob...it would still be worth it to speak with Coby7 and have him service it because he can quickly tell if it is x-mitting and while there, spiff it up.

The 2 connectors on the Body Control Module (BCM) are located, inside, pass side, right foot kick panel. There is the inside cabin fuse box..(The BCM)
A quick google search will show image of the Cobalt BCM, location, and how to...

Image found using search engine duck duck go using search terms Cobalt BCM Location and found here on your cobalt and it's a Coby7 image too!

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