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This is a forum for all members to use when they have questions about anything on the forum.
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New Member Introductions

For new members of to introduce themselves!
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Engine Mods

Talk about Chevy Cobalt Engine Modifications here.
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Talk about Chevy Cobalt Suspension, Brakes, Wheels, and Tires here
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All about the Chevy Cobalt Transmission
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Interior & Exterior Styling

Talk about Chevy Cobalt interior and exterior products such as body kits, spoilers, steering wheels, shift knobs, etc.
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Talk about Chevy Cobalt Audio/Video and other mobile electronics here
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Install Guides/DIY

Post any Chevy Cobalt Install Guides/DIY's here
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All about MPG

All about maximizing your Miles Per Gallon (MPG)
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Problems and Service

Talk about any mechanical problems you are having
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Recalls & Service Bulletins

Chevy Cobalt Recalls & Service Bulletins
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Pontiac G5

Pontiac G5 News

Pontiac G5 News & Announcements
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Pontiac G5 Owners Lounge

General Pontiac G5 Discussion
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Pontiac G5 Interior & Exterior Styling

Pontiac G5 Interior & Exterior Styling discussion
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Chevy Cruze

Chevy Cruze Discussion

General Chevy Cruze Discussion
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Buy, Sell, Trade your Chevy Cobalt stuff here Please be advised, and it's moderators/staff are not responsible for anything that is traded, sold, stolen, not payed for, or anything else that happens in this section. If you choose to trade or buy from anyone on this forum you do so at your own risk. Please use good judgment and common sense when you enter this section. There are lots of good people in the world but there are just as many or more that would just as soon rip you off. (NO VENDORS) BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!
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Other Cars

Talk about cars other than the Chevy Cobalt here
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Love taking pictures? Want to show off? Learn more, share tips? Step in here!
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Tales From The Strip

Talk about your races at the track
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Vendor Deals

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Regional Chevy Cobalt section for Canada
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NorthEast Forum

Regional Chevy Cobalt section for CT,DE,MA,MD,ME,NH,NJ,NY,OH,PA,RI,VA,VT,WV
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NorthWest Forum

Regional Chevy Cobalt section for AK,ID,OR,WA
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Regional Chevy Cobalt section for CO,IA,IL,IN,KS,MI,MN,MO,MT,ND,NE,SD,WI,WY
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Regional Chevy Cobalt section for AZ,CA,HI,NV,UT
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Regional Chevy Cobalt section for AR,LA,MS,NM,OK,TX
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SouthEast Forum

Regional Chevy Cobalt section for AL,FL,GA,KY,NC,SC,TN
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News and Announcements

Chevy Cobalt News & Announcements
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Vehicle Showoff

Vehicle profiles for Members of
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Tech Problems

Technical problems with the site or your account
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YourCobalt.Com contests
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YourCobalt of the Month polls thread
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  1. Forum FAQ's and How-to's (READ FIRST)
    Does anybody know what the trunk "insert"that covers your spare tire and also in the Cobalt case ...the battery is called?? It also allows you to carry things in your trunk ..i.e. Groceries.. Tool boxes..without damaging anything. I've ordered a trunk liner it's to fllemsey ...ive tried to...
  2. So i was riding her rough and now she slips out of 3rd gear and 4th grinds first question is replace the tranny or fix it ? second question is what parts would i need if i should fix it third question what year models will fit my 07 the u pull it here has a lot of 08 09 10 but only 3 07s what...
  3. I'm pretty certain I already know the answer, but I'd like to have it confirmed. Will a 4T45 automatic from a 2007 2.2 work in a 2008 2.2? If so, are there any goofy model year to model year revisions that I need to be aware of ?
  4. So I swapped 2.2 engines in my 07 cobalt. long story, but traded one ‘rap’ for another. Got it running decently for a beater to college. 2 issues: 1 - my scan tool reports b1325 - low voltage at several different modules 2 - i can’t get the radiator fan to run. looking at the fan, i...
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