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Hurst Short Throw Shifter on Ls Cobalt?

Hey everyone,

I have finally started working on my cobalt for the gf and am now buttoning up the interior renovation (will make a build log for everyone shortly)

Last night i picked up a hurst short throw shifter for a a good price local and was unsure if it will fit an ls base model since it was on an ss car. I planned on swapping out the factory one for the simple reason that the one in the car is gross and for some reason has a melted/ sticky feeling and i cant take it. The other reason was so i can swap knobs with screw ons when I feel the need to change it up lol.

So the question which I have been trying to find is can i put this shifter on my car with no modification, I am willing to do some if needed but not looking to make this some crazy project. Anyone do this to a base model with ease????????
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