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Well we went, I drove my buddy's $400 winter beater with my engine in it and got knocked out of the first round in the Super Street (15.00 and slower) bracket. Best run was 15.4, not bad for a $300 car and $100 160k mile junkyard motor. Too bad we didn't get our bottles filled, spent all day Saturday hooking up the nitrous kits in both the Neons and didn't even get to spray once. I wanted to blow it up :(

Buddy got 1st in the Super Street bracket in his stock Neon running 16.2's all day. Won $200, so he came out ahead.

Next time we're bringing quicker cars, his turbo Neon and my nitrous Neon. Any Cobalts coming? It was mostly Hondas and VW's there, and a few Cavy's. It's May 25, 8 am-5 pm. Eliminations start around 1:30 again.

I like Neons, somebody help me :(

Black 96 Dodge Neon coupe. Still dead.

Barney purple 97 Neon coupe. Quick and gay looking. 13.379 @ 101.07 mph. N/A, full interior, pump gas, slicks.
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