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Super Street is for cars running 15.00 and slower. Unless it's heavily modded or supercharged, most Cobalts will fall in that class. Hell I've only seen one supercharged cobalt break 14's in person so most Cobalts would be in super street.

Go anyways, most of the cars in Super Street are stock or close to stock. Mine has just an exhaust system, intake, and alot of shit removed. My buddy won the first event in his bone stock Neon. It's bracket racing, so how fast your car is doesn't matter, it's how consistent you are. Round 1 I had to wait 1.8 seconds before I could go cuz the Civic I raced dialed in at 16.9 seconds and I was at 15.1.

I like Neons, somebody help me :(

Black 96 Dodge Neon coupe. Still dead.

Barney purple 97 Neon coupe. Quick and gay looking. 13.379 @ 101.07 mph. N/A, full interior, pump gas, slicks.
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