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Originally Posted by burzumaske20 View Post
I think I will go up to Milwaukee possible in July,since I am in Chicago area actually.I drive a cobalt,but I am not doing anything until I get my downpipe ordered and I will be ready to put on the downpipe and header then:P
Sweet, the more the merrier. I'm tied for 3rd right now in points for our class. Would be tied for first but less people showed up at the 2nd one so I only went 4 rounds (felt like 5 lol). My buddy is tied for 1st and of course I hear about that, even though I remind him he had 2 bye rounds. Oh well, next one is only 8 days away, coming up fast!

I finally replaced the ball joint and wheel bearing on the passenger side of the car, wheel bearing was DRY, it squeaked when you turned it by hand, and the ball joint was worse. Sway bar endlinks are new now, the bushings actually touch the sway bar lol. It needs rear rotors yet, from sitting outside all winter they rusted up and both drag a bit when driving, you can hear them through the car (no interior makes everything louder). At least it drives straight and doesn't pull hard to the right when you brake anymore

Might hook up megasquirt next week and throw my nitrous kit in it just to see what a 100 shot will do. I have a feeling that it's already in the high 14's for good now so I'll have to sandbag to run 15.0 now, and I hate sandbagging. Or I'll just put the seats back in. :(

I like Neons, somebody help me :(

Black 96 Dodge Neon coupe. Still dead.

Barney purple 97 Neon coupe. Quick and gay looking. 13.379 @ 101.07 mph. N/A, full interior, pump gas, slicks.
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