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Diagnostics needed

White, i can appreciate your frustration.
I see your 08 has shown several problems over the past few weeks.

Is this is a factory alarm, yes? I must guess it is.

I have been looking for a scanner /programmer to get the sensor relearn started. So far I have only found the Tech2 to do this. I bet there are others. As of yet, I have not found any that will, and do other functions on these cars.

Once relearn is started, it will self complete or throw a different error code.

On your door locks, it seems to me this is controlled by the same receiver as your tire pressure management system TPMS. I have read the GM service bulletins warning of problems with this unit caused by low battery voltage.

After fixing the battery problem, the recommended fix is to attempt to reprogram the Remote Controll Door Lock Receiver RCDLR / re-marry the unit to the car and also verify TPMS in on and set to display. Again, this is with the Tech2 scanner/programmer.

Check out
With the combination of poped fuses (30A) you must have crossed/shorted out at least one circuit possibly several.

So until one of the Supers chime in get ready to verify your ground points and take a look at
I bet Coby7, MP81 or any or the other super folks here will post within just a few hr.
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