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Shane Nadeau
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Throw Out Bearing?

Ok, so I'll start off saying that I'm not a car person at all, so if I come off as dumb in some of the stuff I say, I apologize in advance.

For a couple months now, the car would make all the noises associated with a bad throw out bearing, but only on long trips. If it was just a 20-minute drive, there'd be no issues. The noises would happen only if I were driving for more than a half hour.

I didn't have the money to get it looked at, and figured I had some time.

Well yesterday, I risked it and drove an hour an a half to the beach. It drove perfectly fine until I took the exit for the beach, and it started popping into neutral, and eventually the car started shaking like it was about to stall, even in neutral. So I parked at the beach for two hours. When it was time to leave, car drove fine for about a mile and then kept shaking and putting. Pulled into a parking spot, then I couldn't even go into reverse. Ended up getting a $500 tow back home.

Is this just a dead TO bearing? Or did it destroy the transmission? I'm trying to figure out if I need a new bearing, clutch, or if I should just scrap it if it is in fact the entire transmission.

Thanks in advance
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