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Originally Posted by Parthros View Post
Trifecta even dropped the 2009-2010 LAP a while back.

Rob Spaghetti has one of those, haha

In other news... the girlfriend and I made some Szechuan sauce following Binging With Babish's recipe. It's pretty good, but I dunno if it's "9 more seasons" good, lol. I'm pretty excited for the real stuff when McDonald's releases it this winter.

Also, Star Wars tickets are expensive AF. I bought a "special early showing" that includes some memorabilia or something. Long story short, $25/ticket. Ugh.
$25 doesn't sound too bad. You can get normal tickets for a 3D showing with reserved seats for about the same. If there's a non-3D option, I always go for that. Not going to pay an extra $10 for a headache lol

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Originally Posted by Phat05Cobalt View Post
I tried to convince my wife to let me put the money into the truck and get it tuned and do a few other things instead of buying the Cobalt, but she wasn't having it. HAHA! I tried really hard to tell her it would be less money down the road, but she didnt like the idea of spending $2K to get 20 mpgs and not getting close to 30 mpgs in a commuter car. In the long run, it is probably better to get the second car because as soon as you start adding horse power and torque to those trucks things can fail, and it aint cheap to fix big diesel motors.
More power usually goes with a heavier foot too, which will do nothing to aid fuel economy lol

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