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Battery Light, Pulsating Dash & Headlights, Replaced Alternator (2010 Cobalt)

I drive a 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt base model and I am having electrical problems that nobody can seem to figure out.

My battery light has been intermittently coming on for about 3 or 4 months, along with constant pulsating/flashing dash lights and headlights unless I'm pressing the accelerator. It seems like my battery light comes on shortly after I start my car, goes off when I switch into gear, and as I'm going down the road, it comes back on again, usually once I reach about 40-45mph and start coasting at the speed limit. The light doesn't go off until my spedomoter drops below 10mph, or I stop at a stop sign/light. Sometimes the pattern is slightly different, but it almost always follows this exact formula, especially in the mornings on my way to work.

I took my car to several places, most of which said my voltage regulator inside my alternator was going out. So I took that advice and I just had my alternator replaced this weekend, and the problem is still persisting. It's no better or worse. It is exactly the same, which makes me think maybe it wasn't my alternator/voltage regulator to begin with?

I've checked the battery terminals and they seem pretty snug. I also do not see any corrosion on the terminals.

If there is anything else I can check, or any questions that I may answer that could help figure this out, please let me know. I am desperate.
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