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09 Chevy Colbolt oil just vanishing

I have a 09 Chevy colbolt I found out about a possible oil leak.. checked up the car and all around the engine, not a single oil spot to be seen. So I filled it back up 5 quarts of oil. We drove this car for a good month checking oil everyday before we took off with not a leak to be noticed. Then a few days ago I came in from work (I drove another vehicle) and check the cars oil and it was full. My wife hopped in and went to work.. by the time she got back it was bone dry like if someone was to drain it while she was parked... this has happened 3 diffrent times within the 5 months we have owned this car.. there is no smoke coming out the pipe, no visible oil leak to be seen. And there is no oil in the cooling system, where can the oil be going? It’s got 101k miles on it and the oil has been changed every 3k miles.. iv exhausted every possible solution and can’t find anyone on the internet with a problem like this
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