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Speed Sensor in M86 5 Speed

Hey all.

So I recently replaced my PCM in a 2009 Chevy Cobalt LT with the M86 5 speed transmission after getting a P0601 with no start or crank, and after reprogramming the clutch pedal position sensor the car runs fine but the vehicle speed sensor doesn't work anymore with a P0502 trouble code. After a few minutes of driving the car chimes and displays the "power steering" message on the dash and the values in MPG, MPG average, outside temp, and vehicle range go to dashed lines. I'm assuming these errors are all related to the malfunctioning VSS because I can clear the trouble code and the values return for all but the MPG related numbers, which stay at zero. Additionally, the fuel tank level indicator goes all wonky and floats around a +/- 1/4 tank range at a half tank only until the "power steering" message comes on, then it behaves normally. I've been working off of this diagram:
I'm trying to find the speed sensor (#31) part #88893292 so I can check the resistance in the wire terminals but I can't seem to locate it in the engine compartment. Any pointers?
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