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I gave it a 5 because I love the cost efficiency.

Time to install: 1-2 hours
Difficulty of install (0-10) 6

Pros: Other than some slight dremeling and using problem solving this kit is very easy to use. It definetly frees up a lot of air and lets the motor breathe a lot better. I noticed 1-3mpg more per tank and some ponies were freed up in the mid range. You can surely hear the air being pulled in. With my windows up and the music on I could hear the air whistleing into the intake. I used the Spectre Filter as well but is compatible with any filter which could possibly improve some performance as well. The price of this set up makes this a great candidate for any modder at around $85 it leaves you money to buy other mods with. The kit also comes with everything you need to mount.

Cons: Being as this product is a build it yourself type style it does not have a spot for your MAF (which is why I gave the difficulty a 6) you have have to dremel a slot for your MAF to sit. Without proper doing this could be real troublesome to a less handy person. Although the performance increase is there. The product does feel kind of cheap and flimsy but with proper mounting there should be no problems.
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