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Striped Interior 2.0

ok guys and gals, since the front end is being a ***** and i am having trouble keepin the bumper aligned right i am moving away from that project till winter so sorry guys front end back to normal... for now dont worry lol... so here we go.
i want to get this one done before the show here coming up so heres the plan. GUTTED the interior completely out to where i am going to make the stripes follow EVERYTHING! all the plastic pieces, the headliner, and the seats i am going to wrap in vinyl. Ok last night i started the tear down and today when i get off work i will be doing the passenger seat back seat and the rest of the pieces hopefully with the headliner.

pictures up about 630 ish if not sooner of the tear down. i will be taking a million photos on the way to make sure that anyone who wants to have a question answered i can give a detailed description.

and my poll question of the day is.. with my wheels.... should i paint them yellow and black untill i get some wheels next summer? the face would be black and the edges yellow. thanks again guys for being there for me...

2004 Mustang GT Vert 40th Anniversary Edition Black/Black/Black

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Black Housed Headlights
5% window tint all around
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