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I'm over at Caverun Lake near Morehead Ky. I see A LOT of Cobalts over here, but I have yet to spot another XFE model like my 2009. So far by using some ideas from a Hypermiling Site, I have got ALMOST 46MPG AVG since the first day I bought this car (the MPG AVG has NOT been reset yet), and it still does 0 to 60 in about 8 seconds flat in 2nd gear. I never owned a car like this before, and I have owned my fair share of cars. Currently I'm down to 45.0 MPG AVG, and it's about impossible to travel on the 70MPH Interstates and keep this kind of mileage up. What helps the most is cruising down the hills in Neutral.

Anyone else around here got a XFE? I'm starting to feel like I am the only one in the state.

Oh, I wanted to buy a light blue Cobalt, but my dealer showed me a MUCH MUCH DARKER BLUE than is show here in the OP. If I could of got a Cobalt XFE in the shade of Blue as posted here I would of got one. But the "blue" Cobalts I was shown for 2009 were all so dark I honestly mistaked the color for being BLACK.
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