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2009 Cobalt LT, XFE, 5spd, 5400 Miles.

My needs have changed. Im looking for a family mover now. I have a 2009 cobalt I have to sell to buy a freakin minivan or large passenger car.

Heres the options....

2009 Cobalt LT1 XFE. 2D Coupe.
5spd manual
rear spoiler
spare tire

All stock oem, never touched the aftermarket stuff.

Its the dark blue exterior/black interior and it only has 5400 miles. Just did the 1st maintenance a tad bit early at the chevrolet dealer. I will post pics this weekend. Car has been getting about 33mpg and I drive about 15mins a day to work.

Asking $11520... I live in the northern virginia area.

Sorry about the dirty exterior pic. Everytime I get a day off it snows here. GRRRRR!

2009 Cobalt LT, 5-spd.

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