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Electrical: Brake Lights and Such

Hi all, brand new here. I just got back to the states after serving 3 years over in the UK. When I got there, I had to have my lights changed around and relocated due to local laws, such as needing amber turn signals and such, along with side marker lights, installation of fog light... I took it to a real reputable shop where all the "yanks" took their cars to get converted over. It had a real good reputation. I've done quite extensive wiring in cars in the past, but it's been about a decade since I did more than a stereo swap... but they assured me that it's just a matter of removing the splices, matching the colors up and reconnecting factory wires back together. They showed me the relay they installed and said to just pull it all out, and reconnect a few wires.
What they did: replaced my backup lights for turn signals, added a "fog light" to the rear, using the brake lights (as most brit cars do), disabled the normal turn signals and those became just running lights. my 3rd brake light became inop afterwards. All in all, the system worked for 3 years while I was over there...
I'm now down here in San Antonio at my next assignment and trying to sell the car/get it inspected. I did as they said, removed the wires that they put in and reconnected the factory wires as directed. blinkers work fine, back up lights work great. Brake lights...don't.... I pulled out the "plunger" up on top of the brake pedal assymbly, there were 2 blue wires plugged into one side and a pinkish one connected to the other side of the factory plug which plugs into the plunger. When the plunger is hanging loose, not mounted to the assymbly, the 3rd brake light just stays on, but the normal 2 brake lights do not light up.
So, am I missing something? I reconnected the 2 light blue wires that plug into the plunger. I figured that would be all that's req'd. I haven't messed with putting it back on top of the brake pedal assymbly, but is that how it should function? Is there another wire somewhere in the trunk that comes off the 3rd brake light wire and goes to the 2 brake lights on the trunk?
I sure hope this all made sense... I'm hoping it's simply a wire split off of the 3rd brake light wire or something simple. Thanks for any info you could shed on this
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