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Jet Performance Chip Stage 2

Lemme start off by saying if you are thinking about purchasing this dont....they are very misleading and will try anything to keep your money saying electronics are not refundable ....i just wish superchips had they version out .....To start of with the product is a very poor design it is made to plug directly on to the pcm....and in doing so the plastic housing rest directly on the pcm heatsinks (how dumb do you have to be) off it DOES NOT remove rev limiter or speed limiter for the premium they ask for they must have been dropped as a child. Then theres the lack of product research on there part they say that a chip is compatible with 08 -10 .....obviously not realizing that vvt was added in 09 ....then it says for free flowing exhaust and open intake yet my car still throws lean codes with my cold air intake installed ....and all there requirements are very generic ....and after removal a week later it still feels like it plugged in even though they say it doesnt reprogram anything.....i only tried it because i thought it would be easier than going threw trifecta boy was i wrong
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