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Transmission Problem?

Hello everyone, so my girlfriend has a automatic 2008 Chevy Cobalt Lt. Mileage is 80,0xx. So she had taken it to her mechanic 2 days ago for an inspection. While the car was there she also had them do an oil change, and new front rotors and brake pads. So we had taken it out Saturday drove it around a bit to see how it was running and everything was running smoothly. Not a single thing was off. Sunday the car sat in the driveway because it was extremely icy outside. Now come to Monday. She went to go out and put her car in reverse. She reversed out of the driveway however when she had placed it in drive it did not move at all. So I had taken a look at the car myself and this is what I have to report.

*the car drives in reverse fine! steering wheel moves like it is suppose to

*i had placed the car in N and the car started fine with it in N, I then continued to place the car in D and it went forward for approx 20 ft. Until it jerked to a stop

*i got out and had her drive it. I noticed when she placed it in drive the rear drivers side was looking weird. When she pressed the gas the rear would go down on just the drivers side, almost as if the parking brake was stuck. And it would not even move literally an inch.

Now the fact that it is raining hard out I could not check the trans fluid but wouldn't the mechanic check it for an inspection?
Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you everyone.
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