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I Need Some Better Mileage

i have a 07 automatic 2 door cobalt ls. i have had it for about a year and i love this car, especially the mileage it gets. i have been getting between 32-35 that i am very happy about but im starting to get a little greedy and im wanting some more out of it.

i have been reading these forums for a while now and have done my research, i have a clean air filter, good oil, about 40 lbs in my tires and i dont drive like im in a race every day im wanting to know what other things i can do to my car without going "all out" like some people do.

i dont really care about performance because this car is just a every day driver work car. i just want some better mileage. if i could get closer to 40 mpg i would be content. i drive about 85% highway roads and the rest of the time i drive interstate and old country roads.

i have thought about getting a free flow exhaust, not for the sound, just for the increased mileage but do they really help that much? and do they really help that much without a better intake? if so what are some that might be worth checking out?

like i said before, im not looking to go all out, if i could get about 5 or so more MPG i would be happy (i hope thats not asking for too much). i dont want to be crunching numbers every time i drive, i just want to drive and be done with it. i figure if theres some good ways to improve mileage then it would be worth doing it. i know theres prob alot of these questions on here but i am just wanting cold hard facts that will get me the mileage, not what people have thought they might of heard from a friend

thanks alot for any input on this!

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Start driving 55 on the highway. I started doing that and average about 32 mpg, with about 65% city driving, about 35% highway. I jumped about 2-3 mpg just driving 55 instead of 65. That was helped me a lot. The only mod I have done to my car is one of those spectre air intakes.
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gmpp cold air boosted my mpg 2.7 on average. if you really want to go crazy, change to a narrower tire. 195/60/15 is interchangeable with 185/65/15. there are many little things you can do. removing your mud flaps, and a wing removal would help too, more than you think! check out Fuel Economy, Hypermiling, EcoModding News and Forum - EcoModder.com, those guys are crazy about mileage haha. they also have alot of helpful tips you can use : )
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I've been comparing the average fuel meter from the car to an actual calculation tabulated in the fuel log book of the Gasbuddy.com site. Car display shows 8.3 liters/100Kms over 10 fill-ups and LogBook shows an even 9l/100Kms. So Car is off to GM's avantage of coarse by almost 10%. It still gives you an idea but it would have been nice if it would have been more precise. (29mpgUS compared to 27.4mpgUS for my american friends)

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i have been waiting untill i used a tank of gas with 40lbs of air in my tires and going 55 (most of the time) but i still havent ran out yet lol going back and forth to work for a week i usually go about 200 miles at a half tank and this week at about 250 miles i am just a hair over a half a tank so i can already see i should get a couple miles better on this tank. i have to say im pretty impressed already, mainly because its been about 25* in the mornings. once i use a tank of gas i will report back.
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Looks like you will be good for a 450+ mile tank!

lilloon is right about the ecomodder site having a ton of info. It can be a little intimidating for someone new to the site but you can easily get 10 mpg better from a few simple changes to the car and your driving technique.

The site has helped me from getting an average of 37 mpg that first year, to 47 mpg in 2010, and looking to have an average of 51 mpg for 2011.

I would start up a gas tracker on that site. It makes it easier to get better mpg and see what works and what doesn't.

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thanks, ill go ahead and check that out.
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buy a gto and dd it for a month. then go back to cobalt. you will be grateful of cobalt's mpg. that is all

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^ That's a good point lol, i'm amazed that im getting 30mpg on my ss/sc currently!

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after filling it up today i averaged 36.8 mpg off of my calculations so all in all that is a little better. the only changes i made was tried to stay under 55 mph as much as i could and put 40 lbs in my tires. next time im going to practice coasting and see how much that helps.
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