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DFCO in an '06 G5 Base?

Hey guys, I know this question has been asked before, but has never been fully resolved, or maybe it has, and if so, just blame my laziness for not digging around too much. Anyways..
I've been wanting to learn more about DFCO (Decel Fuel Cut-Off) and if my model G5 is so equipped. I may by an overly enthusiastic driver, but during saner times I do think about fuel economy, especially as I'm forced to pay $1.30+ per liter here in Montreal for plain 'ol 87. How I learned to drive stick was to coast in neutral after letting off the gas, and let the brakes deal with the braking and leave the engine/drivetrain out of it, figuring it's cheaper to replace worn discs and pads than a transmission, plus I'd save gas as a bonus. Then along comes DFCO and now I don't know what to think. Please shed some light and share some knowledge on a poor soul like me. Thanks in advice!

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Yes DFCO is awesome most newer cars have it, my Caddy has it, my parents cruze and my bro's sonic have it, and coasting down a long ass hill not using gas is a great thing haha!

The old "brakes are cheaper than a clutch" thing is true if you're downshifting wrong(just chucking it into gear). If you can Rev match then its very little wear on the clutch, and the transmission and engine have no problem slowing the car down, I drove my cobalt for almost 4 years downshifting and NEVER had an issue and I'm now driving my ATS the same way, I do double clutch though if I'm gonna be skipping gears.

I used this site to learn to rev match, great explanation.
Rev matching & gear changing technique

Anyways, once you have the hang of rev matching/downshifting you'll do it all the time lol. Its easy once you got the hang of it, all you're doing is blipping the gas up a bit before downshifting to match the engine speed to the road speed, reducing clutch wear.

But yeah, when you're coasting in gear above 2K rpm or 1.5K I think, around there, reset you're average fuel economy meter and you'll see it start diving down to 0.0L/100km

Besides all that driving in gear is just safer anyways, I wouldn't want to coast in neutral in case I gotta step on it suddenly.

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