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DIY: Installing aftermarket door speakers

Tools needed:
7mm socket and wrench
Dremel tool with cut-off disc
Drill and drill bit (size of bit depends on size of mounting screws that come with your speakers, make sure the bit is a size or two smaller than the screw so it can bite into the bracket)
Sanding Block or block of wood

First, remove your door panel. Then remove the 7mm screw and pull out on the speaker assembly and then up, there's a metal clip that holds it in the door at the top after you remove the screw so you may need tug kinda hard. Unplug the speaker and the clip on the back of the bracket and then remove speaker from the door. Once you complete that, this is what you'll have.

The speaker and bracket are all one piece. You will have to cut the speaker out with the dremel tool. In this next pic I have circled the tabs you need to cut in half in red(look close). If your using the factory wiring and not running and amp then you can leave the one bracket that holds the clip that holds the factory wiring that you disconnected after you unplugged the speaker to remove it from the car. I did this in my install.

After you cut the speaker out this is what you'll have.

Now cut the remaining of the tabs off so you have this.

Now after removing the rest of the tabs there is a 1/4" lip on the front of the bracket that needs to be removed so the speaker will mount flush on the bracket. This is removed with the dremel also. Try to get as close as possible to the flat part but not too close, this will save you work on the next step.

Now get your sandpaper and sanding block( I used a piece of a 2x4 and 240 grit paper) and sand the lip you just removed so it is flush with the flat part of the bracket like this.

After you have sanded it completley smooth, set your speaker on the bracket and line it up where you want it. Now mark where to drill you holes on the bracket for the speaker and drill your holes. Then mount the speaker onto the bracket with the supplied screws from your speakers.

Now wire or plug in the speaker and install it in the door. Installation is the opposite of removal, make sure to check clearance of wiring and speaker with the window down. Installation is complete.

Credit goes to SilverG5 for this writeup
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clean install brother...did mine the same way
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You can also go to eBay and search for 6.5 inch front door speaker inserts Cobalt and there is an aftermarket set you can get, also pretty cheap!

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Is this how you do it if you've got the pioneer system too?
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Cool guide. :D
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Is this the only way to mount up new door speakers? Nice how-to btw.
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Originally Posted by Joel17368 View Post
Is this the only way to mount up new door speakers? Nice how-to btw.
If you don't wish to cut the old stock ones, some retailers, like Crutchfield, will sell you the adapters to make aftermarket speakers work as well. I think they will give them to you for free if you buy the speakers from them.

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what r the size of the front speakers? czz i think i got like 5x5's or something smaller than whats required. I took mine up to nebraska furnature mart cz they only charge like 40$ for a 2 speaker install but they said that my speakers were a tad bit too small and they would have to build a costom mount for it and they were gunna charge 70$ for the mount, i figured i was getting ripped off so i said no. so now i have 2 speakers sitting in my basement waiting to get put on.

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after i got my new speakers from walmart, i returned my old ones and got my money back lol

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