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Modifications (All Kinds)

So in lieu of losing my job (I worked at Circuit City) I have put a hold on doing modifications to my car. Though I still need to get some research done.

I'm going to list a few things and I just would like your opinions on what parts to get, how to go about doing various modifications, and any pros/cons to the modification.

As mentioned I want to do Headlights, HIDs are all I'm familiar with, though I'm sure more are out there.

I want to put in fog lights because where I live there is much inclement weather. (My issue) I own a 06' LS (Base Model, no upgrades.) Red, Sedan, so the front has a grate where there would be fog lights.

How would I go about this (if at all?)

I want to increase the handling, I've noticed the car (On the highway) has somewhat sloppy steering, also while on the highway the car is a victim to strong gusts of wind, so sloppy steering + 75Mph driving + heavy wind = no fun.

I've heard that I would need to A) Lower it, or B) get better suspension.
Now I will entertain lowering (I by no means am interested in racing it, nor making the car disadvantaged on any terrain type...or no more than it currently is.)

There car has some pep to it, but I do desire something a bit faster on command. Going from a stick to an automatic (while HP remaining the same) has made it less thrilling to drive.

Give me your input!
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My suggestion to you if you don't really want to lower it much. Buy a set of stock SS springs or an Eibach pro-kit, not the sportlines. The pro kit is the same ride height as the ss/sc -.5 in the rear. Either set up will help out with the body roll.

As for the foglights.. Its just going to take some custom modification. I have had thoughts of removing those little grills and just putting fogs in behind them. But I have yet to do so..

You could also make a custom made intake. You can get pretty much everything you need at auto zone. and cobalt addiction has MAF adapters so you can get rid of that stock airbox.

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I would like to say that just lowering a car does not guarantee better handling. It's kind of a misconception really. You can actually make the cars handling worse if you don't do it right or drop it too much. The spring kits for the cobalt however are not overly aggressive and you should be fine. Although if you took it to a skid pad don't be surprised if you actually lost some grip.

The best bet for you to do is to get a strut bar and sway bars. It's your choice really on which ones you get but all will help tighten up the body roll and make the car in general feel better in turns.

Of course the most important part of handling is tires, so don't over look those. A good sticky set of tires will gain you more grip then all the other handling mods in the world.
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+1 to swaybars .. Front strut bars are hit and miss .. depends on the car .. IMA do the front strut bars make much of a different on the balt?
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Originally Posted by Admin View Post
+1 to swaybars .. Front strut bars are hit and miss .. depends on the car .. IMA do the front strut bars make much of a different on the balt?
Depends on the application. I find for rally x that the strut bar makes alot more difference in handling characteristics of the car, but for any other reason, not really. The strut towers on the cobalt are positioned so far back that the factory cross bracing on the engine bay acts quite like a strut bar, and installing an aftermarket strut bar doesnt affect the overall handling of the car.

My $.02
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