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No start problem

We have an 05 Cobalt. Wife drove home from work and parked it.I went out later to move it.It wouldn't start.Had her turn the key on while I listened for the fuel pump. I heard the pump run for about 2 seconds.Had her shut it off and then turn it on again.Fuel pump was never to be heard from again.Checked the fuse, replaced the relay & filter.Still nothing.Bought a used fuel pump with 13,000 miles on it. (car has 95,000 ). Put the pump in and it is the same thing. It doesn't run.I checked for current at where the fuel pump plugs in at.It is getting current. When I checked for current the test light didn't seem to be very bright. Don't know if there is anyhting I am missing. Thanks.
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When you say it won't start...little more info needed.

Cranks but will not run?

not being funny here...fuel in tank? Been there, done that.

Can you scan for DTCs?

Ex-Cobalt Owner

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There is fuel in the tank.I had the tank down to put fuel pump in. When you turn the key on/start the fuel pump doesn't run.The engine will turn over, but there is no fuel going to engine.I don't have a scan. Spent all I had on a used fuel pump. Against my better judgement I tried starting fluid. It would pop, but not start. That was over 2 months ago.Now even when I crank it over I can smell the starting fluid. The car has been down since late October.It did have a blown head gasket at about 54,000 miles. I used a sealer and it started leaking again around 65,000. Then used a better sealer and it is holding so far at 95,000 miles.But once I figure this problem out, the head gasket will be changed. For sure there is gas in the tank and current going to fuel pump. I was wondering if it could have been possible I have another bad fuel pump from the junk yard.Even with 13,000 miles on it, my luck is the car was hit so hard the fuel pump was all they thought they saved.Thanks.
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did you check your fuel filter? how about fuel pressure? if you arent getting enough fuel pressure, that could cause you not to get fuel. A bad fuel pressure sending unit would be to blame for that issue then, cause low voltage should throw a DTC on your computer, and the check engine light would be on. If it is, toss it on an OBDII scanner, and you'll find a code.

If you are getting pressure, but no fuel, change your fuel filter and run some fuel line treatment through your system. Likely cause of no fuel but fuel pressure is present is a clogged filter/line. Should be resolved with said method.

if you have fuel pressure, and fuel is flowing through, but it still wont start, check cylinders for compression and fouled plugs. You do this with a compression gague. Pull out the plug closest to the front of the motor, check for dampness of plug. have someone crank the vehicle over with your hand about a foot away from the plug hole. If there is green or black on your palm after crank, means you have a blown head seal/piston rings(to respective colors) other method is by screwing the compression gague into cylinder hole, and cranking vehicle. Do this check for all four cylinders.

For more answers, i would need to see vehicle and said issue.
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I put a new fuel filter on the car. I will have to get a code reader and go from there.The fuel pump doesn't run at all. I have the new used fuel pump installed and the tank is still dropped.Thanks
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Lately I've been having a no start issue my self. If gas it while it's cranking, it has more of a chance coming to life than if I don't. It cranks then dies. Takes a few times before it finally starts. Should I replace my fuel pump? I only have 4900 miles. No that's not a typo I have low miles lol.
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Since my last post I have ran into a few other problems. I finally found that the fuel pump fuse had no power to it. I took a jump wire to another fuse and that worked for a while. The head gasket had also gone in it. So I replaced the gaskets and had the head checked ( Slight warpage ) . GM says it is a non servicable head. But a lot of mechanics said it doesn't hurt to have them shaved. So they took .015 off of it. Car was running fine. Then the fuel pump quit again. Even with a jump wire it won't run. Seems there is a wire problem between the fuse block and the pump. I think I will try and run a wire from the fuse block back to the connection behind the rear seat floor pan and splice in there. I have talked to a few other Cobalt owners that also have no power to the fuel pump. They did the same as I and put a jump wire. Only to also have it quit after a while. Just wondering if anyone here has had the same problem and if they found a solution ? Thanks.
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