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Your Ideal Temperature for Best Performance?

At what temperature ( engine and weather) have you noticed that your car has the best get up and go?

driving around today made me want to start this thread

it has been below freezing here for the past few from 12 to about 4 it stayed around 28 degrees.... and my engine temperature was 182 degrees....i have not played around in my car for a few weeks so i beat on it a little and i was actually acted like it had some balls today. the rear end even squated a good bit when i gunned it a few times... and giving it the gas around some corners def. surprised me usualy i can tackle a corner with my eyes closed, but today i had to grip it a little tighter....and keep in mind i had a stage two turbocharged 1990 cougar before this car.

so im just curious about what you guys perfect temperatures are to have some fun in.


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Come on guys hes bein serious! lol

But anyway I would say 180 to 200 is were my car seems to perform quite well.

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my car loves around 100-120F iat2 temps. once i ran a g35 for a good 10 miles lol. we just kept going i swear no joke we went from sunrise highway to route 25a which is literally from the south side of long island to the north shore! my iat's reached around 200F! the car hated life and it smelled like burning stuff. never doing that again lol.

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I noticed with mine it likes 65-75 with some cool air, like when you are moving you feel the coolness(not really windy). As for the car temp, really cannot help how cool it is but it runs nice between 140 and 160(stays are 180 when fully warmed up).

I have noticed that sometimes if I take a lil' trip, like a couple miles and than come back and start it up the car seems like it wants to GO! lol, like the throttle and everything just seems to scream "unleash me."

This is BEAMER btw, Summer is logged on but I wanted to post quick hahaha.
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cars run best when engine is hot, doesnt matter if youre in Alaska or florida. Engine with 195 deg F thermostat will operate at that temp anywhere once warmed up.........
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