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Who Are You?

'Nuff said.

This may be a bit too personal for some, but no need to include any more information than you're comfortable with.


My name is ado (ay-doe), I was born in eastern-europe, now living in st. louis, MO (midwest US). We left my home country due to a genocidal war. I'm going to turn 19 next month (the 27th), and I'm in my second semester of my freshman year in college. I'm currently going just for general transfer studies, but I want to end up in web-design, and maybe a minor in journalism (depending on how the business side of it goes).

I'm currently maintaining a 3.8 GPA, which is something not too many people can say.

here is a picture of me, if anyone here is more of a visual person.

Next person? I'd like to hear who the people behind their cobalts are.

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ibtl lol

2004 Mustang GT Vert 40th Anniversary Edition Black/Black/Black

Short Throw
Pioneer FH-P8000B Head Unit
Cobra Spoiler
Mach 1 Grill delete
Mach 1 Chin Spoiler
Functional Hood Scoop
Black Housed Headlights
5% window tint all around
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Why would it get locked?
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Anytime you bring up politics it is likely to get locked. I think this would stand a much better chance without the politics in it. You cannot start out with a political statement and tell those not agreeing to stay quiet.

Ok, I edited out most of my rant for good taste. But the point remains.

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Umm, I'll tell you what, I'll get back to the ORIGINAL topic lol.

I'm Levi. I'm 24, in the Army and currently serving in Iraq. I'm stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC, but am from Michigan. My hobbies are anything to do with cars, computers, stereos, and hockey. I am a Master ASE Certified Technician in both Auto and Diesel fields. I went through UTI and took all available classes to me as well as the International program. Next year I will be going to flight school to fly Apache's and will finish out my contract with the Army as a pilot. Anything else you want to know, just ask.

'09 SS/TC - Stolen
Mods - Injen CAI, CIA MAF Relocate CP's, Dejon FMIC,
Custom 3" DP, 3" Exhaust, GT3076R, Pioneer AVH-4100DVD, Hurst STS, ZZP triple pod, Autometer Cobalt boost/DPIC/WB gauges, Nitto NT05 245/40/18's, H&R Springs, 80:20 Meth Spray
Future - KSport Kontrol Pro Coilovers, 10% Tint, FMIC spray
538whp/501wtq @38 psi on meth and 93 oct on stock ish motor

06 EVO IX MR/SE - Sold
Mods - *Updated 10/6/13* AEM TRUboost EBC, 4in custom TBE, SD dual 93/e85 tune, ETS 4in Race Core FMIC, Dual Aeromotive 400lph Fuel Pumps, T4 Tubular Manifold w/ dual WG's, FP Super99HTZ DBB Turbo, GSC 274 mivec cams, ARP headstuds/rod studs, FIC 2150cc Injectors, Aeromotive FPR, Aeromotive Fuel Rail, catch can, Mini Battery Kit, Slim Coolant Fan, Kiggly Racing high pressure valve Springs/Titanium Retainers, Supertech Stainless Steel Valves, Dual VTA Tial 44mm WG's, 4g64 Stroker Manley Pistons, 155mm 2.4 LR Manley Turbo Plus I Beam Rods with ARP 625 Studs, 100mm forged non-billet Manley Crankshaft, Full H/E PNP with Port Matching, Kiggly Racing Girdle, Dual Tial 50mm BOV's, Excedy Triple Disc Carbon HD Clutch, AEM EMS

'95 Ram 2500 Diesel
Mods - 5in TBE, Boost Elbow set to 28psi, Adjusted fuel pump, Open Turbo.

Future Mods- Super Street Clutch (rated @1400ftlbs tq), 67mm turbo, 160lb valve springs, added timing, tubular exhaust manifold, larger injectors, possible 6 spd swap.

Master ASE Certified Gasoline/Diesel Technician since 2004

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Click here to PM me if you have questions or issues!
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I am Chris, aged 26, but most of my people call me Beamer cause my last name is Beams. I live in Indian Trail, NC which is just outside of Charlotte. Moved here in 2000 from a smallish town called Oneonta, NY. Its 30 mins from the baseball hall of fame, one hour from PA pretty much. I work as a meat cutter for a grocery chain down here in the south. It pays the bills so its alright, I wish I could get into something else but not really sure. Went to school for Computer Programming, switched to Computer Repair and than realized computers though I like 'em was not my thing. Fell into this job and here I am. Politics? Do not care much, to an extent I do but eh. I like cars, video games and hanging out with friends, hanging out with friends while doing something car related, even better .

I suffer from depression and bi-polar, not a day goes by that I do not think about ending my being on this earth but I manage to scrape through. I like warm weather but nothing too warm, around 75-80 is good for me. Try to keep in shape and my job enlists allot of heavy lifting and such so that kinda has balanced my whole not working out but as soon as I figure out whats going on as far as where to live and such I want to join a gym.

I love my cobalt, I do not regret buying it and knew what i was getting into and do not ***** about things that these type of cars do, like squeek and all that. If I wanted a quiet ride I would have stayed in my Lincoln LS v8 or any of the other higher up cars I had but I just like smaller cars. even if I had millions I would rock the balt. Yea, I would have some nicer cars for sure but I wouldn't forget what I really enjoy. Cheap, fast and small. Hmmm, anything else? I prefer bigger girls to skinny chicks(not saying huge fat obese OMG she is gonna squish me but bigger than them twigs). Eh, other than that not much to really share other than I do not care to hide anything really, never seen the sense and I speak it like it is except the difference between me and others is if I do not like something but know it well peeve the other people I wont say anything, I may be an ass but not a total ****.

My Gone But Not Forgotten Cobalt(s) Show off

2015 Fiat 500 Abarth | 2016 International Durastar

Check out my Youtube page

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Im George, Born in Hickory North carolina september 6th 1989, moved to NJ becouse my dads firefighter comp transfered him to Old bridge NJ.. and thats where my famly still resides today. I just bought a cheep cheep house in SI new york..<I HATE IT HERE lol...
Im a full time transmission and power train tec for Oasis chevy in old bridge NJ. volly firefighter for south oldbridge fire comp (engine 3 )

i am a recovering alcohalic on may 12 2007 i ran my 97 camro in a pole almost killed myslef and 2 close friends... since then ive been clean.. i was with a girl for 3 years her name was robine.. but when i cleaned up she only kept geting worse so i broke it off
and ive been single ever since

havre a few projects (94 camaro LT1.. needs a motor)
and a 86 pontiac firebird small block chevy 350.. runs low 13's on a good day
and ofcourse my cobalt 2007 Ls.. just a daily driver but it sorta grew on me
some minor stuff done

thats about it

mods... tinted taillights, 1000 watt alpine mono amp, 2 10 inch alpine type "r" subs, basspro slot ported box, xm radio, alpine 6x9 rear speekers, alpine 6.5 front speekers (both type "s",09SS front bumper and lip,black factory headlights, 12k foglights, 10k headlights, slp catback,fe5 suspension with sportlines,black carpet, painted plastics (black) huge custom pink monster sticker... and ofcourse.... BLACKED OUT!
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The name be Tom. Born in Brooklyn NY, lived here my whole life, moved once across town. Been in a lot of places in the US, visited Poland 3 times, love the country and proud of my heritage. I'm 18 turning 19 in April, also my 2nd semester in freshman year of college. College sucks fat ****, I really don't like it. I'm a Mechanical Engineering Tech major, have a 3.4GPA cause I'm a slacker and sleep in my classes all day. I plan on joining the US Navy as an officer, and working my way up in flight school so I can fly. I work part time as a waiter, meaning I usually go to school from 9-2, then drive 40 miles home and go to work from 4-11, so thats pretty much been my life lately. I love cars, I love modeling- as in fabricating and building real life things on a smaller scale. Snowboarding is prob my favorite activity, though I don't get to go often. I play handball and soccer, though I haven't been able to for a while.. Umm yeah thats about it I guess.

Looking for a low mileage Manual 88 Fiero GT, if you know anyone on the east coast with one... HIT ME UP

^^<==---___-A_m_e_r_i_c_a_n M_u_s_c_l_e-___---==>^^
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well here I go..My name is Richard..Born in San Jose, CA..moved to New Jersey when I was a couple of months old..Lived there with (both) of my parents..5 years later they get divorced and I end up going back to california with my mom...Lived there till I was about ehhh 15..Then moved to Arizona for about 6 months, then summer came around and I went on a summer vacation to Florida to visit my grandmother, then it came time to go back to California, but I really didn't wanna go, so I tried and tried and tried to convince my mom to let me stay, finally she gave in(NOTE*I'm her only child)..So I end up staying in Florida for about 3 years then End up joining the Marine Corps at 18...I'm Currently 20 and stationed in Hawaii..I think that just sums up the "Outer Shell"


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Originally Posted by Will mpg View Post
Anytime you bring up politics it is likely to get locked. I think this would stand a much better chance without the politics in it. You cannot start out with a political statement and tell those not agreeing to stay quiet.

Ok, I edited out most of my rant for good taste. But the point remains.
Oh sorry, I hadn't realized political statements weren't allowed. I wasn't serious about those who don't agree to stay quiet, I keep forgetting that doesn't translate well over text. Sorry, again. I'll take out the questionable parts.

Beamer, I'm sorry to hear about your disorders (i think that's what they're classified as), I've known a few friends who had the same problems and know it's definitely not an easy thing to go through. The worst thing, I think, about these things is that doctors just throw pills at you to "fix" you, not even keeping in mind the side-effects, and the fact that we're not factory-made and work differently. So I hope all goes well for you.

And wow, I'm surprised at how many people interested in the army here. If you guys don't mind me asking for the reason why? I know some are just proud to serve their country, but others see it as a way out of a bad financial situation.

Thanks for sharing so far
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