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CAI V. Water

So last night I hit a small lake after a downpour. Approximately 6-10 inches for 15-20 feet at like 35 MPH. I had soaked my filter, almost immediately my car bogged down and strained to move along, so I putted my way into a parking lot and called my father to come with some tools. Once I disconnected my CAI I found there were some droplets in the intake pipes and on the throttle body. After the trace amounts of water had dried out of the engine (Which equates to some misfires, a rough idol, and a CEL while idling for about 20-30 min)(my interceptor gauge never showed what the code thrown was, which I'm still curious about) I quickly made my way home without a filter. Once I got home I found that filter was fairly damp, not quite wet. FYI I did have a hydroshield on there but I doubt it did much in this situation.

At any rate, my engine is fine and dandy now, but I did dodge a bullet and consider myself lucky. It could have ended up much worse if I had floored the gas instead of hitting the hazards and slowly making my way off the road and calling for help. However, I, and hopefully some of the more skeptical about CAI's, can see how much punishment an intake can take before hydrolock occurs. I just thought I'd share for some discussion.

BTW for the mods, I didn't think this fit in the performance section, nor really knew where to put this. So sorry in advance if it's in the wrong spot.

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Yeah I need a hydroshield just in case I run into this problem :/
At least the car is fine ^_^
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where can i get a hydroshield? i know i can get one from injen for like $40 but **** that, i want a better price

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You can geta Hydroshield then you can have what happened to my brother one winter. While driving back home one night he encountered an area about 1/4 mile from his house, that water pools up on the road and due to traffic could not move over. he hit that area doing about 30 and the next day could not start his car. Reason, his air intake was a giant icecube. took him a day in his garage with a heater to defrost his intake.

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You can get hydroshields or drychargers on ebay for like 20 something, just make sure you get the right one, the hydroshields are smaller than the drychargers, I had to get a K&N drycharger for my fujita filer bc the filter is too big for the Injen Hydroshield.

And the hydroshields are to protect the filter from splashed water, so puddles are bad, i do my best in the back coutry roads to stay toward the center of the road after rain bc the sides flood often

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Guy guys.... hydroshields dry charger DOES NOT prevent hydrolocking in a fully submerged filter. Think about it, it repells water, but does not "create" air for the intake to suck it.

Snake890217 you are pretty lucky to get by damage free, though you might want to check more carefully for subtle misfires. That may indicate a slightly bent connecting rod.

Either way, AEM

AEM COLD AIR INTAKE BYPASS BY PASS VALVE 2.75 20-402S on (item 110562366116 end time 27-Jul-10 12:11:10 EDT)

has a bypass valve or you can get knock offs like

AIR FILTER BYPASS VALVE COLD AIR INTAKE 2.75 PIPE on (item 250669457622 end time 24-Jul-10 23:11:32 EDT)

These work by silicone/rubber ring valves detecting negative pressure and will open up and suck air in from there (the bypass valce) usually installed much higher in the intake tract. They come in different diameters and you will most likely need to cut off a section of your intake to fit it in. But IMO I would never leave home without one of these if I had a CAI.

good luck

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i've come close many times. my intake must be 5 inches from the ground. i just don't even bother driving through puddles. i've held up traffic to turn around lol.

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This is why when I get a real Highflow intake I'm getting K&n style one..

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I just got the hydroshield for mine. I hope I don't have a problem with my filter getting wet. If it still gets wet then I'm just gonna make it into the SRI
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THis is why I'm pretty sure I'm going with a SRI

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