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Wrecked My Cobalt....

Not off to a good start, today when I was going to work at 5am and about 7 minutes away this guy in a green mercury cuts me off, hits the passenger side of my car and I lost control for 3 seconds and scraped along a guardrail. The guy didnt even slow down. I hit onstar and ny state trooper showed up and said there isnt anything he can do since I dont have a partial plate number and now I'm up shit creek.
So does anyone know what body parts will come off of other cobalts/g5's so I can avoid having yet another claim on my insurance?

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The front fender and door comes off, but you don't need it to be removed to be repaired at a bodyshop. The rear fender will not be "removeable".

The damage looks like it will be in and around the viscinity of 400$ or so. At least that's all the parts in the picture. But correct me if I'm wrong but from the picture it looks like the impact was on the driver side, is there more damage on the passenger side?

Also the damage doesn't look too bad, it's and easy fix, but I know how you feel. YOu should go to your nearest police station and report a hit and run and give a description of the vehicle. Did you recognize the make and model?

The other driver sounds drunk.....

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shit son, but what do you mean "Partial Plate Number"?

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that quarter damage is your real issue. if the cops won't help you out, i'd just claim it under your own policy, most insurance companies aren't too harsh if you have a solid story. i've gotten away with some pretty bad accidents with no rate increase. i can see about 4-5k in damages here. i can't see it being a total loss. looks like the front left wheel was hit, any vibrations while driving? alignment out? if you do mention this to your insurance, be careful with your words and try to steer away from the fact that you've been hit, just get your options on the table and if you see a good route then start spilling info.

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ok well I appreciate all the assessments.
I didnt get a plate number but I gave the description of the driver and the car to the state trooper and he wrote the accident report.
Cop says theres nothing he can do without some of a plate number so I'm ****ed there.
What happened was is he cut me off to get around me and theres nothing except a slight scuff on my bumper where his car clipped mine, good news is I just need a new tire because the brakes locked and chewed the drivers side tire up pretty bad going over the friction strip.
Either way the only people on the road that early in the morning are people going to work so my plan is leave earlier and drive a bit slower to see if I can spot him since it's a very recognizable green mercury. if thats the case I'll get his plate number then and see if theres anything the police can do, if not, I'll just put a brick through his windows (j/k, or maybe not).
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That's shitty - the quarter will be the hardest part of the fix.

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Originally Posted by G5blackout View Post
shit son, but what do you mean "Partial Plate Number"?
By that it means some of the numbers/letters. Law enforcement can narrow down the search if they even have a partial plate number. It really works if you have a description of the driver also as that can also narrow it down. SOME of the stuff on TV is actually based on real world procedures.

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Ah man that blows, good luck catching the guy on his commute and repairing it.

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id just claim it and get it fixed. that's what insurance is for.

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yeah I'm going to do file my claim and repair it myself ( my ex was an auto body tech and I picked up a few things over 2 years) I figure I can take the money and do something more useful with it. also its considered a no fault so it wont adversely affect me come renewal time so I think it's the best course of action but god help that guy if I ever get a positive ID to him...
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