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High Idle After Cleaning Throttle Body / A Fix

My idle on my 2.2 engine was not constant and low at times. I cleaned the throttle body and like other people, it had a high rpm's of 1500 - 2200 afterwards. After looking on the net and only found fixes from new throttle body to taking it to dealer to get the comp. flashed. I disconnected the battery for two hours and still had same high idle problem. I then noticed when I was driving I could let off the clutch at a red light while in first gear to where the RPM's where at normal range (7-800) and after about 30 sec's it would stay there when I pushed the clutch in. But once I started hitting the gas to go it would go back to high RPM's. So when I got home I started it again used the clutch while in gear to put it at the normal RPM's and after a minute or so pushed the clutch all the way it stayed at normal range and then put it in neutral and then I let it idle for about two hours at the normal RPM's without touching the gas pedal at all. Now its running like brand new no more high idle at ALL!! I have a standard so dont think it will help anyone with an automatic? I guess the comp. finally learned itself the right idle again or I just got lucky! Anyway I hope this helps someone, just to cheap here to spend a hundred dollars for the dealer to flash my comp. on car.
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ya what happens is when u open and close the throttle while cleaning it, the TPS (Throttle Postion Sensor) reads that and rests what it sees as Zero, that being said when u touch the gas and ur throttle starts to open, the TPS doesnt see it as a small increase it may see it as a big increase because the Zero point has been changed slighty during cleaning.. if u ever clean out ur throttle body, try not to open the throttle at all otherwise it will idle very high, i used to work a Rohrich Caddy and a one of the techs told me this while i was servicing a DTS for a tune up

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What you have is a relearning computer, don't worry bout it, I cleaned mine a few months back (had 80,000miles on it at the time) and there was so much carbon build up I could see a lip in the carbon where the throttle blade sat. Once that carbon is gone, it is essentially an adjusted throttle position. It will take about a week for it to go back to normal.

You just cleaned all the carbon out, and it gave it a "bigger throttle opening"... if it doesn't fix itself after a few times of driving, then take it to the dealer next week.
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Yea I swap out my 2.2 and 2.4 throttle bodies every once and a while and evey time I do it my idle gets a lil weird for a bit

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Have to get the comp flashed it only cost me like $45
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I like your idea about cleaning the throttle body better Storino2.2. Mine was full of carbon also I might not wait til my next 100,000 miles to clean it! This time when I take it off Ill try it your way about not opening the flapper at all on the throttle body and just clean what I can reach and see if it works! Thanks for everyones input, just trying to be helpful!
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I guess I got lucky since when I cleaned my TB I totally pushed the blade up n down to get more access at all the carbon build up and my idle remained the same to this day

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