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So How Do You Reply...

...when, after telling someone all the mods you plan to do/have done, they say "Why? It's a Cobalt. Why not just buy a [insert other car here]?".

I've recently come up with a plan for my tax refund; FE5 Shocks + Struts, Einbach performance springs, painting dash trim, a Weapon-R CAI, and wheel well light kits to match the colour of my decals and soon-to-be-painted trim. As I've discussed this with some of my friends and family, more than a few of them have all come back with that same "...Why?"

I usually respond with a "because I can afford it and it's not just a Cobalt, it's MY Cobalt." How do you guys answer when people ask this?

And, as a quick aside, anything else I need to complete my mod list? Am I missing any neccessary part of a relatively cheap suspension change?

Driving a 2006 Chevy Cobalt LT 2.2L, Alpine Type-S speakers & 10" Sub, Pioneer AVHP3200BT Receiver, Injen CAI
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not really specific wise like cobalt. just sometimes people are like why mod a 4 cylinder when you can get V8 lol. i get people saying your car is sexy a lot.

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Tell them "because I can" or just ignore them, that makes some people mad. pretty funny when it happens too.

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Say, "Why would you waste your money on (insert car here)?" You don't have to explain yourself. If they don't get it.... f$#% em.
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Yep it is just a cobalt, I do have much better things to waste money on and do, but I like doing stuff to my car(s), worry about yourself not what I am doing. Or, dont hate just because I have more of a disposable income, if i wanted such and such car I would of bought one because I can afford something way nicer but chose not because I am a small car guy and dont give a sh!t to waste money on something else or I would be.

I was at a car show and there was a couple talking to another couple, the people showing their had a 07 Mustang or whatever, it was just a v6 at that. They were talking about this and that(I was parked 1 car from them sitting behind my car reading) and somehow they got dissing my car, asking why someone would waste money on it. I look up and over at their v6 shitstain, they put some stupid ground effects package on wheels and a bunch of other crap. As they continued to critique my mistakes I got up and walked over and looked closer at this beast of a v6 mustang. Finally I decided to say something and said "so, your calling this person whose into cars, just happens to drive a little cobalt an idiot basically for doing things to it, all of which besides a few visual things to help it stand out from the rest of the cobalts is performance oriented and yet you are driving a v6 mustang?

They reply "yea, well a mustang is a real car, has real potential and blah blah blah.... plus all the performance things in that cobalt still only make it a under 200hp slow cobalt."

Best part, the owner of the car between us steps in(06 GTO owner). "You people are pretty misinformed. That cobalt is putting down more power than your mustang. Probably even can take a v8 mustang as even thoughs are pretty much a joke short of the GT500(remember this is before the new stangs we have now)."

So anyway, after shutting up this 40 yr old couple the show ended an hour later. Who do I see on the interstate, yep, the same couple. The guy still trying to make up for his small penis tried to show me his beast. Needless to say I blew by them easily and didnt let off till I could no longer make them out in my mirrors.

In the end, who cares what other people think is worth it. Its your car, you probably love it more than anything else and that is what matters. Best thing is to just ignore their stupid comments. I rarely have this problem with people telling me I am wasting my money, if they did I just ask what they have and than reply "and your giving me advice." Some cobalt owners even think there is better things to waste money on and think everyone should share their opinion, probably why so many cobalt owners on these forums do all the same modifications, haha. Sure you can go get a stupid STi or evo or some v8 and make some big power easier, I well still give props to the cobalt owner who pushed and makes some good power and looks than someone who went out and bought easy speed. I once remember people raving about having a BUILT not Bought car, and yet most talk about buying a car with power to make power...hmmm. anyway, its early and I am bored, sorry for my rambling. Sum it up, everyone is different, even with a much better car sitting in my driveway I still love my cobalt and love doing things to it.

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Yeah, I hear a lot of car show dissing myself! At the end of the day, I don't care either! I'm fine with my Cobalt and I'm fine that it is a 2.4 naturally aspirated. Hell, I go to a show with the 71 Mach 1 and 65 Falcon on steroid Mustang owners dis my car! WTF? LOL! There will always be haters no mater what you are rolling! It's human nature.

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^ exactly, like when I rolled into this car meet last week in my XJ-R, it was hilarious the hate coming at me. I was fine but my roommate was funny cause a few people said "its dads car" and he was like %*$# you ricer, its his ride ya do your mom and stuff haha. Pretty childish stuff, I pulled out my papers for it to show a couple people saying prove it that it was my name on it.

Definitely going to get a Haters gonna Hate sticker for all my rides

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Usually, the people who say that are driving minivans. I'm not sure their opinion counts.

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Yep, usually these people saying these things are JEALOUS otherwise they would go about it jn a different way. My excuse is 'I love the look of a cobalt ss, so I made my car look like an ss but with a lot of personalized customization to make it mine' and if they ask 'why not just buy an ss then' and I say 'first this is much cheaper, my car was purchased brand new so warranty is good for 60k and 160k, and finally, because I drive WAY TOO MUCH TO OWN AN SS. Driving 160km's per day this year to work and back would cost A FORTUNE in gas AND maintenance... Not worth it. And I'm a student who bought and is fully paying for my own car, which on it's own is very impressive.

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What is odd is that when I got the G5, my one friend liked it so much that he went out and bought a LS Sedan. When I got the SS/SC, another one of my friends ended up getting an 07 LS Coupe.

Anyways, the only shit I really have gotten so far was from a guy I know who drives a 1990 Miata... but well... those things are dog-balls slow without boost (His his stock engined... he's one of those "Stanced" types). While the SS is basically just an econobox shell... it is a fast econobox that has regularly been able to piss off owners of cars costing much more. Our powetrains are nothing to sneer at... but most people just see the outer shell and think it is weak.

At least our cars don't try to look like it has balls, then fails to deliver on that visual promise (SN-95 V6 Mustangs...)

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