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Spare Key

My dealer is asking $40 for a key. Before I go, are there any alternatives?

Do I really need a spare key?

For example, on Fords. You will need two keys before you can program the third key. So it would be wise to get a third key now when you still have two. If you loose one of two, you are $OL, because now you can't program a new key with just one. Bottom line, it forces you to buy an extra key (3 total).

Does the Cobalt/GM have such strange key program methods?

2008 Cobalt Sedan LT automatic
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No, our Cobalt keys don't have any computer chips or built-in resistors (GM from the 90's). If you wanted to go really cheap, I don't see why you couldn't drive down to Wal-Mart and get them to cut you a duplicate key. Unless you lose all of your keys, there is no reason to have the dealer cut you a key, unless you just have to have the bowtie logo on your key. Which ain't a bad reason, however $40 may make me stop and think for sec.
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Your local key cutting place may not be able to cut it either. I work at a local home improvement center, and our machine cannot cut newer keys such as a 2005 cobalt. If you come across a newer machine, maybe then you can get a proper key cut, but the dealer will be the most likely place to get it cut.
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thats weird my key came with a code. they said i can make a key to just open the door without the code but i have to have the code to get an accual key made. but i have two keys that i got with the car. i gave the extra key to who ever is gonna drive the car other then me so that way if i lock my keys in the car (which is hard in a car with a keyless entry but i'll do it one day) they can bring me the spare key.
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my cobalt came with a code as well, i was told i could take it to any GM dealer and have a proper key made, and get a working remote
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Coby Key

Look at the upper shank of your original keys. (where the metal meets the black plastic.) You SHOULD see a tiny circle or a plus sign (+) inside a circle. Look well, it IS tiny. If you do see that, it IS a so called "computer key". Original equipment key blanks are readily avial. on e-Bay for anywhere from 10.00 to 20.00. These are uncut (naturally). You will probably have to go to a GM Dealer to have the ridges cut to match you present keys so it PHYSICALLY fits the switch/locks. However this key also has to "electronically match" your specific car. You can VERY easily do this in less than a minute. All you need is your original key, your car and your new key you had cut at the dealer or modern key store. Directions should come with your new key, but most key auctions on the bay will tell you the simple instructions right on their auctions,,,, scroll down when you go there to see. Make SURE you are buying an OEM GM key with matching shank ID's!! ASK before you buy..
Hope this helps ya... Enjoy your Cobalt!!!!


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ya i went to wal-mart to get the key made they didnt have a key for it so i went to the dealer and payed 35
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I sent my car in to the dealer for warranty work and it came back with an extra key! I think someone got locked out. hahahaha! now I have three keys.

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umm... yeah... our cars do have coded keys... if you get wal-mart or wherever to cut you one it'll just work on the doors... and it will set the alarm off within 10 seconds of you using it.
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Well thats if you have an alarm, I accidentally got my key to close to my sub when i was installing it, and well, long story short, i had to use my fiances key for my car, to make my key work again. FYI, you can program the new key really easy, you use the working key, to turn the ignition on, then turn it off, and within a very specific time period put in the new key and turn it to the on position, and viola, new key. The fun part is doing it within the time period.
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