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04 nissan 350z

so getting the evo didnt go as planned. first problem was when i tried to test drive it the battery was dead, on all 3 evo models. so i skip the test drive cause i wanted to buy the damn dream car. ran credit, it came but i had a1 credit which is good. look at the payments and started crying....

800 dollars a month no f-in way
the insurance was 100

so i said f that and found a 04 350z used for 18k but got it down to 16k.
i know it comes stock with 280 hp righe, damn near can keep up with a evo. it has 18k miles on it

but is it a good car. would yall recommend it
any info on the z would be great thanks

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first off i would say helllllll no buy AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and secondly BUY AMERICAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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280 is at the wheels though. and ss/sc I got has taken them stock. Leave me off the line grant you, but I just reeled them in. However they are nice cars and I would suggest getting a newer one. They got a lil bit more power than the older ones I believe.
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Save your money and get a new Camaro. Then you can laugh at both Z owners and POS evo's.

My turbo lag is your courtesy head start.
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I dunno, I think 16k is an amazing deal for a 4 year old Z with 18kmi...I wish I could find one that cheap around here...

I say go for it if you don't mind paying the extra $$ for the gas it'll eat up...they're great cars.
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First, EVO's are not junk. Secondly, Z's are great cars and have massive aftermarket support. I love my cobalt but, if I had my chance at a Z for that cheap with that many miles I prolly would consider trading it in for the Z. The camaro will be out in 2010 I believe and in a different price range for a v8 (prolly upper 20's lower 30's). I would go for an EVO VIII MR if I went for an EVO. I know people should be encouraged to buy American vehicles but there are some damn good foreign cars out there.

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If i do remember correctly, nighthawk traded in the yellow banana for a 350 Z
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Buying American is over rated. Sorry but it is. Buy what you like and will make you happy, who cares where it comes from. Even if you buy a Z or Evo you are still supporting Americans in the sense that the dealership is in America, obviously, so you are supporting salesmen, techs, even the janitor there because without people buying those cars they wouldn't have jobs.

ANYWAY, The 350z is a nice car but it's slightly over rated. Stock for stock the Z and an SS/SC are close with a slight edge to the Z. However a great driver in the SS/SC can take out average Z drivers.

Of course the benefits over a Z are RWD and the huge aftermarket. However if you plan to get any real gains from a Z plan for FI which isn't cheap. The Z has not responded well to bolt ons.

If you like the Z then I say go for it. That's a good price IMO and they are good looking cars. I'd definite get a Z over an Evo MR which is REALLY over rated. I'd get a regular Evo over the MR anyday.
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the thing about the z is that the front bumper is slighty off on 1 side and the other side theres a little paint missing.
ima see if i can talk em down to 15k from 17k, if so its mine tommorrow

jaygo0770 added 15 Minutes and 27 Seconds later...

any sites for future parts for the z???

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My recommendation for your Z is this:

Twin Turbo, 490rwhp!

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