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Thogan3 09-21-2016 06:13 PM

You Know Clark Howard?
The Cobalt ranks 5th costliest to maintain over 10 years?
These are the most and least expensive cars to maintain | Clark Howard

MP81 09-21-2016 08:36 PM

Not even close. :laugh:

Glad he cites absolutely no actual evidence. Don't know who he is - nor do I care to find out.

rrob5382 09-21-2016 09:10 PM

Almost 15k to maintain a cobalt over 10 years? I needed a laugh haha

Parthros 09-21-2016 10:15 PM

So, I decided to do some quick math. Here's a (probably high) estimate of what it'd take to maintain a Cobalt over 10 years:
  • Oil Changes - $2000
  • Engine Air Filter Changes - $200
  • Full Brake Services - $600
  • Tire Replacement - $1300
  • Coolant Service - $250
  • Suspension - $500
  • Cabin Air Filter Services - $120
  • GRAND TOTAL: $4970
And that's over 10 years. I'm assuming 3 month oil change intervals, yearly engine air filter, 3 times for brake servicing, 4 sets of tires, total guess on coolant (haven't done mine yet, and I'm at 52k miles, sooooo), springs, strut & shock replacement twice, and yearly cabin air filter changes.

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I'm pretty sure I over estimated on a lot of things too. Might have left a few smaller things out, but nearly $15,000 to maintain a Cobalt over 10 years? Get outta' here!

rrob5382 09-22-2016 12:02 AM

Beat me to it haha was going to go through and add up some estimates in a few minutes here but now I don't have to

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on second thought maybe i still will, here goes nothing haha
figure the average for miles driven in a year is 12k that would put it up to 120k miles in 10 years. also just going to figure for base models fully stock.
Tires-$900 figuring 40-50k out of a set and on the high side of 300 bucks for a set of tires for stock 15s or 16s
Oil changes-$1200 - change every 3k miles would add up to 40 changes over 10 years at 30 bucks per change
Filters-$350 one cabin filter and one intake air filter per year along with a few fuel filters throughout the 10 years
Wiper blades and washer fluid-$250 a new set of blades each year along with a few gallons of fluid per year
Battery-$150 most likely going to need to replace it once over 10 years
Belts and hoses-$100 this is just a random ball park guess, probably 1 belt over the time and maybe a few radiator hoses or vacuum hoses
Brakes-$600 3 sets front and back
Spark plugs-$25 one set of plugs
Coolant service-$50 one coolant flush through 10 years along with a new thermostat
Suspension, steering, wheel hubs, cv axles-$1000 would probably have to replace everything once over a 10 year 120k mile span
Misc. electrical components-$500 really no way to plan for things like sensors and bulbs and starters and alternators and what not but gotta factor something
Grand total of my rough estimates-$4825
Labor rates if you have all the work done at a mechanic instead of yourself you could plan on spending another $2-3k

MP81 09-22-2016 05:35 AM

I mean, to be honest, I've probably spent that over the 8 years I've owned it - when you include every single thing I've done to the car.

So sure, $15k over 8 years to double the factory power, exponentially improve factory handling, improve sound, improve seating, etc... :laugh:

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