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First off I'm new to this site and have had my car for a long while now.2009 ss/tc I bought the car with Gmail stage 1 on it, did a few mods,intake,exhaust, catless downpipe, 2.5" straight flow exhaust, larger intercooler, piping. Ect. I had it tuned and the boost turned up to 22psi, Rev limiter raised to 7k, i believe they removed the governor as well,tuned out the secondary o2 sensor, relocated the maf so I could run an aftermarket blow off valve, as both the stock and forge bpv would not hold over 18psi without bleeding boost. The car was a real rocket, switched to 245 front tires to be able to get even a little more traction. Last year sometime I was leaving work and a guy I work with ran me on the highway in Mexico in his brand new srt8 Challenger.I blew his doors off and it was the first time I ever maxed my car out. I hit 160+ I say this because the needle was like pegged at or just a hair above 160 MPH. I had always had issues with the gauges,radio,traction control, cruise control,Ac,power steering cutting out. If I shut my car off while this was occurring it wouldn't start unless it sat for a while. So several months ago I took my car to the dealership and they said it needed a new bcm. I didn't want to pay their insane price so I sourced one from a dealership online for much cheaper. Took my car in to have it programmed. I got my car back and the Porter informed me that my keyfob was dead. I thought that's odd as I had recently replaced the batteries. I get in my car and realize my radio is locked, I have no Ac, the traction control button does nothing, I don't have cruise control and my keyfob no longer works.... I had picked my car up at closing to I took the car home and called them the next day and got an argument from some guy in the service department where he insisted they had done nothing wrong. He then put the tech that worked on my car on the phone and I asked about it and he told me he did everything right and that my car was just a pos. First off my car was in great shape other than that issue that I was hoping to get fixed. The next day I called back talked to the manager and he apologized and said he spoke with his shop foreman and that they had indeed messed up if my car was doing what I said. He ordered a new bcm and I brought it in to have it programmed free of charge.after that I got it back and everything works with the exception of the traction control. I no longer have setting like off or competitive mode. I haven't really ran my car hard since until last night another Co worker has a Genesis so on our way home through Mexico he got on it and I got on it. I was pulling away and as soon as my car hit 130ish it was like the car just stopped pulling completely. It wouldn't accelerate at all from that point on, I could slow down and accelerate up to that same speed and then it'd just level off and stop pulling. When they programmed my bcm could they have messed up some other setting having to do with my governor or something? I read on another post something about using a tech 2 scanner and them having to go through every option anytime they program something and one wrong move you can lose something. I also remember it saying there were different speed limits set on the different models of ss cobalts based on what trim and whether they came with z rated tires or not. Any ideas? Sorry for the long novel, but I wanted to include every detail I could.

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