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Oil Light & Other

Hi guys. I have posted questions on the Lounge area and did not receive an answer.

Please forgive my spelling and language. I have a problem with my car and need your expert advise.

My 2005 Cobalt Sedan has the following:

1. When I start the car, the oil lamp turns on it has a strange noise in the engine. When I run the car it has like a knocking sound in first and second shift or when it has to make effort on a hill. A mechanic listened to it and said that I have to change an additional filter in the motor? Does this car have an additional oil filter other than the one visible.? He said this can cause a serious damage to it if this maintenance is not done. I change the oil with the recommend one ( 5 quarts) and a new oil filter also.

2. Today the car does not start, the battery is new. A 1000 amp battery. Since I don't have the owners manual, is this battery enough or does it require a higher amp? This problem started last week, some guys wrote it may be the alternator, but after the car started even reading low amp with my amp reader like 12.0, 12.5 and going to 13.50 and 14.0 no lights came in the dash or the never stopped while running or making stopping on traffic lights.

If I get a friends help I will take it to Advance Auto to check it in the machine to see if the alternator is bad. Other than that I will appreciate if questions # 1 is answered.
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Diagnosing an engine through the computer is VERY difficult. Here's some ideas:

I think the mechanic is referring to the oil pickup screen -- unless your engine is really dirty inside this screen rarely gets plugged -- look for any damage to the oil pan -- did it get hit? The knock you are hearing could be something loose but from what you describe it may be bearings.

Take your battery in (by itself if necessary) to an Autozone or other parts house that checks them for free. Even new batteries can be bad. Then have your alternator checked in the car at the same place (if you get the car running). They can tell you if your charging system is working properly.

Good luck!

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Thanks for your reply, but when I start the car the noise in the engine is the same noise when I drive it as I mentioned in 1st.gear and second gear (automatic). They told me also that it was the "listers" I dont know if this is the correct wording from spanish to english. By my understanding these sound when the car has no oil.

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It could be lifters as in the valve lifters. My son had a problem like that on a GA and it turned out to be the oil pressure sending unit. He also had the valve cover gaskets replaced in Feb when doing LIM gasket and no problems since. This may not be yout problem but I thought I would mention it as a possibility.
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Thats the correct word. Lifters. That's want sound when I turn it on. Since my car in on repair for the Alternator.

It has been for two days without the battery. When they put everything back, should the car need some special computer reset?

I had to do this in my Montero everytime the battery was taken out. Would appreciate the instructions to follow. Thanks guys
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