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Jet Chip (part 2)

The original thread was closed, and I'm not here to rekindle old questions. But here's what I found.

About 2 years ago, I was asking about getting a jet chip for my 06 LS coupe, but it has the side to side connector configuration and the chip was only meant to fit on a top to bottom configuration. I called JETCHIP and he told me that they were developing one for the side to side. Also, soon after, they took the chip off their website for the 2006 cobalt.

Fast forward to last week. I went on their site and the chip is back up for sale! I e-mailed them asking if this for the side to side or if it's still the same one as they've always had. No response

Anyone know if they fixed the design of the chip, or did they just put it back up for the heck of it?

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just get a trifecta tune

R.I.P. :(

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junk end of story, trifecta

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If you want a "chip"....go to the store and grab a bag...

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try it cause i will LOL when your car explodes

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Just as everyone else has said...
I would just rather get a trifecta tune
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The jet performance module isn't a chip...Dudes. It does work and I enjoyed having it on my 07 SS/NA because it got rid of the lag inherent on the 2.4L below 4 grand. It does not make the car into a "racecar" but did shave .3 seconds off my 1/8 mile times (10.07 @ 74MPH). Without it I would have been the slowest NA car at the dragstrip the day I ran it.

The best thing about the Jet Performance MODULES is that they can simply be removed when you need to - you can't do that with a "tune".

Again the Jet Peformance MODULES aren't chips -- they are RSCI (correct spelling is RISC) computers that have fuel and timing mapping -- stop giving them a "bad rap" until you learn more. They've been in business since the '80s -- if their modules were junk they would be out of business. Magazines that have tested their MODULES usually stated they did provide a performance gain. They were the first to offer tunes for the earlier GM ECUs.

If I were to buy another NA Cobalt I wouldn't hesitate to get another Jet MODULE...and that's the truth!

I don't bad-mouth other tunes -- like Trifecta -- simply because I have no experience with them and therefore don't make negative statements because I don't know.

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if they had one for the 2.2 I'd give it a go, but if I'm not mistaken they only make them for SS's

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As the OP stated the problem was with the different ECMs used on the 2.2 cars -- even the SS/NA has different ECMs -- specifically the way that the wire connectors are attached to the ECM.

There are ECMs that have the connections like this:
----- ------ < two side-side connectors
The ones the Jet Performance module fits looks like this:
------ < two top-bottom connectors
..or This:
------ < three top-to-bottom connectors

Part of the "name" problem is they started out as Jet Chip people assume you are talking about one of those resister chips sold on ebay...LoL! Back in the '80s they were removable PROMS on the car's engine computer.

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Chip == Module. Synonyms for the same thing. The junk shit on ebay is a resistor/TPS enhancer.

JET is a piggy back system. A Piggy back system functions by decieving the PCM into thinking the parameters from its sensors are different than it actually is. Generally they force the car into thinking that intake temps and airflow are different than they actually are. When the PCM sees the false inputs from the JET "module", it dials the AFR to match what it thinks is going on. The problem with this is that it causes the AFR to go to hell and will cause the car to run either insanely rich or retardedly lean depending on the actual conditions. The Jet Module would make your car run anything but a Stoichiometric mix. If your car decides to run too rich, you'll burn up your O2 sensors and Cat. Too lean, and well... prepare to see a melted piston.

Trifecta and other PCM tunes (HP Tuners...etc) are the correct and proper methods of doing things. What a tune does is actually change the fuel tables and timing maps inside the PCM itself. That way, the PCM is actually getting the real information it needs from the sensors and then doing what the new fuel tables and timing maps tell it to do for the inputs it gets from its sensors. Also, a good tuner can take data logs and tune specificially for your vehicle and your modifications list.

For the money, Trifecta is the best value. it is only $250 and Vince personally will work with you to optimize the tune. Is it really worth the 20-30 bucks you'll save by half assing it and using a piggy back chip?

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