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Installing a Kat's 24050 50 Watt 2"X5" Universal Hot Pad Heater

I saw in a prior thread (closed) how to attach a Universal Hot Pad Heater to the face of an oil pan using Permatex High Temp Adhesive.

As I was reading the thread, it said to apply the Permatex in 1" strips.

Does the application of this adhesive go across the entire face of the Hot Pad Heater, then stick to the pan, or, just on the outside edges of the Hot Pad Heater and leave the face of the Pad against the metal of the pan without the adhesive in between?

Also, is there a preferred Permatex product, one over the other, that is recommended for this application?

Thank You.
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Thanks to a long haul driver that I use to inter-line with, he gave me a solution.

"QuikSteel" steel-reinforced epoxy putty does the job. He had a older model Pete that he applied this product to, similar to the one I'm trying to install.

He said his application of this QuickSteel stuff did the trick, and did so for eight years over the road, coast to coast in the lower 48 and through Montreal.

So, if the Permatex gives a problem (not that I think it would) try this stuff, QuickSteel. I'm going to give it a try the first chance I get with some decent weather here in Western Massachusetts.

Just one precaution - don't let this stuff dry on any part of your skin. It doesn't come off, period. There is no peeling this stuff back without taking skin with it.
A couple of days later…..
The "QuikSteel" worked great. I applied the Kat's Hot Pad by first cleaning off the area very good, then peeled back the covering of the sticky surface, applied the Kat's Hot Pad, then applied the "QuikSteel" around the outer edges of the Kats Hat Pad overlapping those edges with the "QuikSteel" to the oil pan.

I plug the Hot Pad in when it's gets really cold here in Western Massachusetts and it really works. Now this Hot Pad won't heat the entire oil pan's contents, nor will it heat the tranny's oil or the water jackets in the block. It's not designed for that. But for just enough heat to make the starting process just a little bit easier, it does it's job.
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