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cobalt owners from Michigan any cobalt
23 5
anyone and everyone with cobalt no matter what engine size......
24 2
This group is for all those who like to go fast with a lot of power. Not limited to cobalts only, any make or model you own is allowed!
14 2
This Group is for any one in Canada that owns a Cobalt or any GM vehicles. Feel free to Join !
1 0
for any members on this site that would say they are christians!!!! Talk about experiences and put testimonies out here for everyone to see!
45 4
Cobalts hailing from the south/midwest!
8 0
Northern Virginia EcoTecs is founded by Phil and Chase. They both thought of the idea to start a group between friends in Warrenton, Virginia. In April, Chase and I got together and both discussed bringing Northern Virginia together and start gatherings. Since then, Phil, Chase, and myself have brought 20+ cobalts plus other cars into our gatherings. All in response to the LARGE gathering at D&B in Maryland. With that inspiration, I invite all EcoTecs and Misc. cars to join us.
6 3
For girls who own a Cobalt! :)
6 0
People from the KY,OH,WV tristate area.
15 1
A group for all cobalt owners in the Southeast to meet, chat & discuss anything ... Welcome Aboard...
42 3
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