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Nite Shade?

Hey folks,

I'm thinking about Nite Shading my tails. Nothing crazy, just a couple of light coats to add a little smoke. For those who have done it, is it something that you later regretted or one of those mods that stuck? I think it'd look slick with silver.

I was thinking about picking up some tails from the scrap yard and doing those instead of my stock ones. I'm not sure if the cops here will care or not, so it would be nice to have my originals intact if I need to throw them back in.

Also, after putting clear on them do they require any maintenance or is it a once and done kind of thing?

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I've seen a lot of posts from people saying that there's came out spotty or that it looks as though there's a bunch of tiny bugs in it. Others, however, have been successful in making it look flawless.

It goes without saying that you should clean the tail lights before beginning. A member here named Padlock had this to say on the matter from a similar thread:

i used VHT nightshades on my old car and they came out perfect. It does take some patience though to do it right.

you going to want to scuff them with like a 2000 grit sandpaper then wipe clean
spray 2-4 even light coats of VHT (depending on the darkness you want)
spray 3+ coats of clear after the VHT
then your going to want to wetsand with 2000 grit once again then polish them to a shine with meguiars scratch x2.0

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i nightshaded my headlights and taillights on my cobalt, and did not regret it. They looked fabulous. They dont require any attention after they are finished, just wash em with soap and water just like the rest of your car. Mine never cracked, flaked, peeled anything like that, but it was only on there for 2 years, idk what they look like now.

But with that being said its a great mod to save you some money instead of having it professionaly done. But if you not good at painting you can make them look real shitty. If your spray to far away youll get orange peel, too close youll get runs. You gotta do it juuuuuust right.

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Love mine!
A few tips, they will fade after a season in the sun, so if youre doing them now, I'd suggest 3 coats of night shade. Don't be worried if they look REALLY dark, they still let a good amount of light threw. I dont suggest doing the headlights however, when the lights are on, it makes the lights look purple, spotty, and uneven (JMO)

I took a palm sander to mine with 150grit paper, then 1000grit by hand, then 200 by hand. Wash, dry, paint. Do light coats or it can get the orange peel effect. I did a light coat every 20 minutes, and after the 2nd clear coat, did two heavier coats. Don't handle the lights for a few hours after your last don't want to spend all that time working on them just to get a finger print on them when theyre still sticky.

I also didnt wax or wetsand them after the clear coats, just put them back on. Still look flawless after a car wash over a year later.
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I've done this before i just took the tail lights out, few simple bolts, and masked the back end and went 3 coats on it. After about a week I wanted to take it off ( which will lead me to a question later). But all you need to take it off is a little gasoline. Damp a rag with the gasoline hold it up to the tail light for about 3 seconds and go to town scrubbing it off, it all comes off really easy.

But my question is, what if someone hits me? Can my insurance deny to pay for it? I have bumper to bumper insurance.
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If you get rear ended your insurance doesn't pay.
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Originally Posted by Rriggs92 View Post
If you get rear ended your insurance doesn't pay.
Being stupid I just realized that.
Then I guess my real question is, can the other insurance company say it's "My fault" since they are tinted and refuse to pay?
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Lol I don't think so. The argument is if someone rear ends you then they are to close to begin with and your tail lights still work. I am however gonna buy led bulbs after I vht mine. Iv had all the supplies for over a month and just haven't done it lol
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I have Silverstar tail lights, would the led's be brighter?
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Yes leds. Are way brigther

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