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Location: Battle Creek, MI
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Meet the Staff

Hey guys, figure this might be something that people would like to see. I will be the first to post in here, and I'm hoping the rest of the staff will follow. PLEASE, ONLY STAFF post in this topic, so you guys can meet the staff easier. So, here it goes:

Name: Levi aka Levee aka Leveecius

Cobalt: 09 SS/TC (stolen), currently drives 06 Evo MR/Se

Bio: Well, where to start. Been on the forums since 2009, bought my cobalt in February 2009. Deployed to Iraq for 1 year from May 2009 to May 2010. Upon coming back, I put all my modifications on my car, tuned it and put a personal HP best down of 538whp (still the second highest number as of now). I am very active on the forums, as I'm on pretty much daily (and I'm the ONLY admin that does this now). I am constantly asking for input and suggestions as I'd like to see this site become more for the users than me or any of the other staff. I'm very open, and knowledgeable. I owned my own performance/detail shop in 2011-2012 and sold it for the sole reason of getting out of the military (which was my career for 6 years) and coming back home to be with my family. I am ASE Master Certified and have been since 2004. I am your typical guy when it comes to my interests, but am now a single father full time (I started the custody stuff (which is really uncommon these days)) and my son is my world. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or leave me a Visitor Message. Thanks all and I hope you guys enjoy this place.

Job:I am one of the Admins on this forum (as stated above), my job is to do the things the other staff (Super Moderators and Subforum Moderators) can't do. I have the ability to add/change things on the forum, as well as fix issues that are site wide. I am able to resolve any and all issues that may come up, especially those disputes/problems between members. I have the ability to ban/unban people as well as limit the use of certain forums for people. I have the ability to take on and let go of staff members. You will usually see me posting on the forums randomly, or asking questions to people to get a better understanding of what is needed/wanted from the regular users.

'09 SS/TC - Stolen
Mods - Injen CAI, CIA MAF Relocate CP's, Dejon FMIC,
Custom 3" DP, 3" Exhaust, GT3076R, Pioneer AVH-4100DVD, Hurst STS, ZZP triple pod, Autometer Cobalt boost/DPIC/WB gauges, Nitto NT05 245/40/18's, H&R Springs, 80:20 Meth Spray
Future - KSport Kontrol Pro Coilovers, 10% Tint, FMIC spray
538whp/501wtq @38 psi on meth and 93 oct on stock ish motor

06 EVO IX MR/SE - Sold
Mods - *Updated 10/6/13* AEM TRUboost EBC, 4in custom TBE, SD dual 93/e85 tune, ETS 4in Race Core FMIC, Dual Aeromotive 400lph Fuel Pumps, T4 Tubular Manifold w/ dual WG's, FP Super99HTZ DBB Turbo, GSC 274 mivec cams, ARP headstuds/rod studs, FIC 2150cc Injectors, Aeromotive FPR, Aeromotive Fuel Rail, catch can, Mini Battery Kit, Slim Coolant Fan, Kiggly Racing high pressure valve Springs/Titanium Retainers, Supertech Stainless Steel Valves, Dual VTA Tial 44mm WG's, 4g64 Stroker Manley Pistons, 155mm 2.4 LR Manley Turbo Plus I Beam Rods with ARP 625 Studs, 100mm forged non-billet Manley Crankshaft, Full H/E PNP with Port Matching, Kiggly Racing Girdle, Dual Tial 50mm BOV's, Excedy Triple Disc Carbon HD Clutch, AEM EMS

'95 Ram 2500 Diesel
Mods - 5in TBE, Boost Elbow set to 28psi, Adjusted fuel pump, Open Turbo.

Future Mods- Super Street Clutch (rated @1400ftlbs tq), 67mm turbo, 160lb valve springs, added timing, tubular exhaust manifold, larger injectors, possible 6 spd swap.

Master ASE Certified Gasoline/Diesel Technician since 2004

Speed Junkies Social Group

Yourcobalt Official Facebook Page!

Syndicate of Tuners Official Page! Up and going again as of 1/11/13

Click here to PM me if you have questions or issues!

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Gawd of Thunda! Premium Member

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Name: KC

Cobalt: 2005 Base model Cobalt 2 DR, Stealth Metallic Gray

Bio: Well I joined the forums not to long ago actually, about 5-6 months now maybe, I joined when I first got my cobalt in November, I've always had a passion for cars, and have always been a chevy fan. Ever since then Ive been modding my car and learning as much as I can, and passing on the information to others.

Job: As a Subforum Moderator I am responsible for managing certain forums on the boards. I am able to close/open threads, as well as move threads too. I have the ability to resolve a lot of issues that may arise, and am able to find the ways to resolve them if I personally can't. I am the first staff member that should be contacted about anything on the forums. I am here to help out in every way that I can, or help guide you on the times that I can't help you. I do have the ability to warn/give infractions to users, and have a big say on banning people. I am usually on every day to make myself as available as possible for everyone. The forums I'm currently Moderating are so if you need help you will know where to turn:

2005 Stealth grey metallic 2DR Standard Base Model
2006 Burnt Orange 2DR Standard SS

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Location: Burnsville, Minnesota
Posts: 5,481
Name: Tom

Cobalt: 05 Cobalt LS sports upgrade (woo *one finger twirling*)

Bio: I've been into cars since I was a kid. I've owned the whole gammit of vehicle types in my few years of being able to drive (12 vehicles total averaging to 1.00 a year which is much better than four years ago, roughly 2.3 per year!). I own two Great Danes and a 18+ year old cat, live in the great state of MN and enjoy long walks on th..... wait sorry wrong bio.

I have been racing in autocross for over a year now with the cobalt and love every second of it. So needless to say a lot of my free time is spent either maintaining or running the car. Otherwise we are out enjoying the sun or snow depending on the season.

To support my habits I work in HR. I've been doing it for three years now and continuing to grow. As for this site I help maintain cleanliness and integrity as well as support the Admin and sub mods if questions or disputes/problems arrise. If you ever have questions or concerns feel free to contact me, all pm's go to my phone every 15 minutes so I should reply relatively quickly.

Buddy and I on a test and tune day at the track

05 Mitsubishi Evolution 8
05 Chevy Cobalt LS (RIP 7/13/2013)
99 Nissan Altima GXE (Daily)
99 Subaru Legacy (Daily)
07 Jeep Liberty Limited (No longer the tow truck for the balt )

If you have questions and I'm not on please PM, notifications go straight to my phone 24/7.

My Showoff
Join YC on FB
Syndicate of

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Name: Chris but most people call me Beamer

Cobalt: 2007 Cobalt LS with added options, traded for, 2007 Cobalt SS Supercharged. I put just over $10,000 into the SS before deciding if I could, to sell it. The new owner just under a year ago got a heck of a car for a heck of a price and low mileage.

Bio: I got into cars around 2002, really did not start modding and tinkering till around 2007. I have had a ton of vehicles over the course of 9-11yrs. From luxury cars to my favorite, econo-small cars. I currently drive a 96 F150 that after selling my SS I bought off my dad and not too long after I decided to get a car and went with a Mazda Miata, 2002 Special Edition with currently 37k miles. Wonderful car and sooo much fun to take on the twisties. No plans for mods just yet. Buying a home really changes your out look whether you want it too or not. I am a Butcher or Meat Cutter so I make just enough to have fun. I am a mellow person even with my Bi-Polarism lol. I do not post as much as I did back in the day but I check it atleast once a day and try to do my duties. My knowledge of whats what with cars is really based on my mood, some times I cannot think of what a problem could be or what to save my life other times I even surprise myself.

Job: As a Subforum Moderator I am responsible for managing certain forums on the boards. I am able to close/open threads, as well as move threads too. I have the ability to resolve a lot of issues that may arise, and am able to find the ways to resolve them if I personally can't. I am the first staff member that should be contacted about anything on the forums. I am here to help out in every way that I can, or help guide you on the times that I can't help you. I do have the ability to warn/give infractions to users, and have a big say on banning people. I am usually on every day to make myself as available as possible for everyone. The forums I'm currently Moderating are so if you need help you will know where to turn:
Off-Topic Chat

My Gone But Not Forgotten Cobalt(s) Show off

2015 Fiat 500 Abarth | 2016 International Durastar

Check out my Youtube page

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Location: Milford, CT
Posts: 1,036
Name: Kevin/KeviMac

Cobalt: 09 LS XFE Coupe, Victory Red.

Bio: I first started here in September of '09. I came here with very little knowledge of cars and now have a good concept of them. I could not have done all of the work without the information on here. I hope that the site can be helpful to all of you as it has for me. I have had a few cars and my whole family owns Chevys, it has been a fantastic brand and I don't know if I can or want to go to anything else. I currently attend Penn. State University for Criminology and graduate in December. I live on the shoreline of Connecticut. I'm also 23 years old.

Job: I am the Sub-Forum Moderator for the Engine Mod, Cobalt Owner's Lounge, and Other Cars. If you have any disputes or just need advice I'm always available since I have the mobile app that sends PM's right to my phone.
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Name: Brandon

Cobalt: 06 Cobalt LS 2.2 Sunburst Orange/Black 2 Tone Coupe.

Bio: I have been on this Forum since early 2006. This was right before I decided I was going to buy my cobalt. I have been very much interested in cars since the late 90s to early 00s. In high school I was never really allowed to "Modify" my vehicle and this may have been what makes me love it soo much now. With that being said I did still work on cars a lot. My Dad and I rebuilt several engines back then and did all of our own mechanical work. Just another reason why I have a passion for cars. The cobalt is the first car I have ever purchased brand new and is the car I have put the most amount of work into.

Job: My other passion has always been computers and in this day an age goes hand in hand with cars. I am a Senior Support Technician for a local library system and have been for close to 10 years now. My job keeps me pretty busy as well as my side business Geek Guidance that I started a couple years ago. I am a Sub-Forum moderator for DIY, Problems & Service, and Photography / Video

2006 Cobalt LS 2.2L Ecotec
Show Off Thread

hailcesar quote - "I think you got the best transformation from Ls to badass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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Robert Myers
Makakilo, Hawaii
2008 Cobalt LT
Super moderator
[email protected]

I've spent the last 3 years or so learning about my cobalt. From modding her, to racing her, I want to learn everything that I can. My goal has always been to try to make my car unique without being too over the top about it.
Other than my car, I try to keep life interesting. I skate, play guitar and drums, fly rc helicopters, and longboard. Professionally, I work at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard as a Marine Machinery Mechanic. I started back in 2006 as an apprentice, completed 2 years of college and the 4 years of apprenticeship to become a journeyman mechanic.
I also run my local car club Island Ecotecs. We are a small crew, but we are finally starting to pick up some numbers!
I became a moderator here on your cobalt a while back when the forum was starting to die. I was a member on quite a few forums but this was always my home and I wanted to do whatever I could to keep this place alive. As a moderator it is my job to help you guys out with whatever you need. If I can't help I. Know who can and will get you the help you need. Even if I'm not online feel free to PM me with whatever questions/issues/problems you have and I'll do my best to address them as promptly as possible.

Aspire to Inspire the Aspirations of the Inspirational
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Posts: 11,820
Name: Terrance (Coby7)
2007 Cobalt LS and 2010 Cobalt LT
Moderator: Specialize in helping others when I can.
Retired Broadcast Electronic Head Engineer.

Every minute spent angry is a happy minute lost for ever and ever!!!
Drives 2016 Cocoa Buick Encore 1.4L Turbo auto KL4CJDSB2GB652675
Drives 2016 Sunset Orange Trax LT1 1.4L Turbo auto 3GNCJPSB8GL142716

Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly
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Posts: 1,420
Name: Frank (I've heard all the jokes, but feel free to hit me up with any new ones)

Cobalt: 08 LT Sedan

Bio: I started working on cars when I was 16, after taking out a couple deer on the hood of my car. I decided that I'd much rather fix the car myself than pay a stranger to do it. Working on cars was the catalyst that sparked my love of all things DIY. If you're new to cars, just have fun and dive in! We're all learning together!

Job: I currently work in Corporate Operations for a fluid tech company in Minneapolis. Prior to this, I was a Student Pastor and youth speaker. Working with teenagers was the coolest job in the world, and I hope to get back into that at some point if I can afford it. Until then, I dream of throwing my ties into the trash can.

What do I do here? I'm one of the new Super Mods. If you have questions, I'll do my best to answer them or point you in the direction of someone who can. Please feel free to PM if there's anything I can do for you!

"You all know I take great pride in my title as Mr. Positive."
My Showoff
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Location: Bronx, N.Y.
Posts: 2,635
Name:Melvin aka Mel aka Bronx aka call me what you feel comfortable with

Car:09 LT sedan in silver. Mods in Sig

Bio:I came in this forum August 2011 and had my balt since September 2011. I decided to join after I had my first problem, I had the dreaded key stuck in the ignition while I was upstate to make things worse. Good thing that was covered and after that day of panic I decided to start learning everything about my car so I won't panic like that again. I joined here and it wasn't as alive as it is now but I still learned plenty (I knew literally nothing not even a oil change) and I'm still learning and loving this forum. I work I.T. in a hospital as a telecom tech but despite being the "telephone guy" I learn things from every field in I.T. because I'm just that into technology like I am with learning about cars and I believe that will take me to where I want to be. Hmm I also love phones so if you like intelligent talk about phones let's talk! I also love video games, just had to add that in there lol.

Job:I'm a subforum mod for a couple of the subforums. Any problem in those subforums you can message me or the other subforum mod or both!

here's a pic of me in paintball mode since i don't have one of me and my car, i must get one though

WA636R - Switchblade Silver Mt 09 Sedan LT 2.2L LAP......Auto!

MODS:Fe5 TC Shock + Struts\Moog Endlinks\YYZ V1 Springs\SC Gunmetal Wheels. Badmab Shorty Header\GMPP Performance Exhaust\ZZP 2.5 Catted DP\K&N Drop-in filter\High Flow Intake Tube. Gen4 Headlights\6K Low Beam HID\LED 3rd Brake Light\LED Turn Signals,Plate,Trunk, Dome, Reverse, Side-marker\ Debadge "LT" & GM fender badges\Shorty Antenna

Join on Facebook! Like on facebook too!

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