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My letter to GM

Today I found out GM is closing not one, but two dealerships in my town. That may not sound like a big deal to many but in my community of 4000 people that is a huge deal. Not only does this cost the community jobs and tax revenue but something more important then that, it costs the community a two philanthropic entities that have contributed much more to it then cars and it has cost the community pride.

When the school marching band needed new uniforms who was there raising money? The local Chevy dealer. When the gym needed a new scoreboard who was there raising money? The local Pontiac/GMC dealer. When the waters of Mississippi rivers and threatened the homes of hundreds who was there with trucks, man power, and free service to vehicles helping out? The local GM dealers. We are losing so much more then jobs, we are losing a pillar of the community.

What would GM know about that? Over the last thirty years piece by piece, car by car theyíve slowly moved production out of the country to Mexico, Canada, China, etc. What would GM know about loyalty and community pride? Nothing as far as I can see.

Buy American they say, buy GM. So what have we the loyal GM customer gotten by buying GM? Well they reached into our pockets and took billions in tax dollars just to stay afloat and fix their decades of mistakes. What is our reward for all this loyalty and money? They came back to take the only thing we have left, our communities.

For thirty years my community has withered, slowly but surely the jobs left, one by one, company after company so much to the point where when I was growing up I was told the only way you will ever make something of yourself, thrive as a person, and make the money to support your family comfortably is to go to school then leave home. I always wondered why I had to leave the community I love just to make a living? Well today my question was answered, itís because of companies like GM who treat the little guy like they donít exist. The use, steal, and plunder from the little man until heís all used up, then they throw him away. Thatís what GM has done to America and especially to the numerous small towns like mine who lost their dealerships this week.

I had hoped by the end of the summer to settle into my new house and start a new project car. Iíve been looking rather closely at the new Challenger, but Iíve always been a GM man so the new Camaro has its appeal. Probably being an even bigger factor was Iíd always bought all of my cars (as did my Father, and Grandfather) from the same dealership, from the same family even. So putting the stunning good looks of the Challenger beside and all the blabbing I do about how great German cars are I would have probably bought a Camaro because when I walked into my local Chevy dealer I was treated not like a customer but like a friend. Not because GM said so but because Pete, Jack, Bryce, and the other guys who work there know what community is all about and they know how to treat people even if the company who makes the cars they sell and service doesnít.

Now I have to buy my cars somewhere else. Not even in my town now as there are no dealers left. The nearest Chevy dealer is now 50 miles away. So what has my family gotten for our loyalty to GM? Well now if we need some work done we get to drive 50 miles to a mega dealer that doesnít know our name and doesnít care. I say drive, but thatís assume the car would run, I wonder what a 50 mile tow costs? What GM has done has effectively is turn the knife in the chests of small towns across the country that companies like Wal Mart stabbed us with. Small towns continue to die and people in small towns continue to lose their jobs and their way of life. We donít ask for bail out money from the Government we just quietly watch all we hold dear slip away.

So here is my pledge as a loyal GM customer for my entire life. Itís over with us, Iím through with you, and I hope the rest of this country says so to. You donít deserve our business. I guess my next car will be German, atleast they are building plants in the US and not closing them down.

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Wow! very well written man. That's bull shit! I'm sorry to hear that. I can't imagine having to drive 50 miles to a dealership!

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Sometimes i wonder about GM's decisions. Here in Buffalo NY i was POSITIVE somebody was closing, and yet, not one single dealership is. We have dealships coming out of the rear here.

I read your whole letter...very well written. Has tones of the American Spirit in it.
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very well done! and as for the opening plants in Canada bit, that's not true. In fact, my next car i own will be German. GM's Canada assets are actually in just as bad a shape as it's American brother, and plants/dealerships are closing their doors all around here. In fact, one chevy dealer i know of that closed down here, has now become a Volvo dealership! there is only one existing GM plant in canada, and plans have been tabled to move it to CHINA!!!! service is crap, cars arent reliable, no wonder GM is in the hole!

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good write up let us know if they write back proly not . its gm

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very well done. sorry to hear about the effect on your town! my family has always bought chevy also, and i learned how to drive in a chevelle, and a stick in a chevy pick-up. but im affraid im with you also, unless they can do something huge to turn the company around in all aspects. i will buy foreign next as well. hate to say it, but you cant spend that kind of money because of nostalgia alone. i also would be interested to hear what they say if they write back.
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Very good read man!
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