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Sombodys Gonna Get There Head Smashed in

So i me and my Girl broke up like 2 months ago, and she started dating another guy. Very logn story behind this but w/e. Well my Ex has been telling me that she wants to get back with me just not right away, and she wants to marry me, and spnd the rest of her life with me, just not right now. And that im the greatest guy in the world and doesnt want to lose me. But shes dating another guy. Well tonight i gave her a choice. i said **** you you ****. Im ****in done, were over if your gonna keep lieing to me and keep seeing this kid you have no chance at ever getting back wth me ever. any plans you had with me in the future are gone **** off.

Thats basiccly what i told her, well after that she called up her boyfriend and dumped him. then called me at 3:00 in the morning begging me to take her back. i kept telling her **** you, she was crying and i finally said we can try to work things but its gonna be really ****in hard. alright thats that

Then at about 3:45 she calls me crying hysterically and hyperventilating. I ask her whats wrong, he ex boyfriend sent her pics on his phone, he slit both of his wrists and he told her that he found out where i live from the phonebook and hes sitting outside my house.

She tells me not to go outside, hah! i grabbed my brass knuckles and a sweatshirt and i put my tims on and ran outside. He was driving away when i got outside. he was about 1/2 mile down the block. So my ex was out looking for him cause she was worried about him. So i say samantha just go home dont stay out. So she got in her car i got in my car and i followed her home to make sure she got home ok. Well we get to her house and whos sitting outside her house parked. This ****in kid! what the **** would of happened if i wasnt there. Hes obviously crazy, would he have jumped her, grabbed her or something. Now i gotta worry about my girlfriend walking into her house everynight because of this ****in deuch bag. h

im going to smash his ****in face in. im so ****in tired right now i cant write anymore ill write moire in the morning if i missed anyhting. but yeah hes ****in dead.

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She needs to file a complaint with the police, get restraining order, etc. Now, I do not mean to say that they will help, but if you do have to bash his face in there will at least be some documentation that your attorney can use in court. Otherwise, you will need to find someone to take care of your balt while you are in prison.

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dude I almost went to jail for something like this when i was 18...i was a hevy drinker (yeah i was only 18 ) and i got sh*tfaced one night and went after my ex's new man.. with a baseball bat my friends stoped me before i could hurt him but the cops showed up right after... neededless to say BE CAREFUL

u gotta protect your girl and i understand that... but be wise about it bro...

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Be smart man, you don't want to end up in jail. Get the police involved, protect your interest as well. It is only natural to want to protect your girl, but you have to be smart and protect your interest as well. You have the right to protect yourself, but you will have the documentation in case something does happen and him and his lawyer try to turn it around on you.

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wow... that's crazy... i have a crazy ex... and i almost had to get a protective order against him, but thank God he doesnt live all that close to me & he's so worthless he doesnt even have his own car... he actually did abuse me while we were dating, but that's another story...needless to say, if he ever comes back in this county again, he's going to jail... dad's a cop & i have all kinds of cop-connections... so yeah... just be careful, like every1 else is saying.... but hopefully he's not as crazy as he came off as then... maybe he's had time to think about it & is gonna accept it, who knows... just go one day @ a time i guess....

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I had something like this happen, my ex fiance, broke up with her ex bf to get with me, after we got togather he kept following her, and texting her, So I got his number and texted him and told him if he didn't leave her alone, he was going to get hurt, a couple days went by without a problem, shortly after, she called me and said he was waiting outside of her work, when she got off, she said she didn't want to go outside and deal with it, so I drove up there, when I came in I slid my car sideways to make it dramatic lol

anyway long story short, he got in my face, and I kicked his ass in the parking lot, a few days later I came outside of my house to go to my car, and this truck pulled up and her ex and another guy jumped out, talking shit to me in my own yard, So me and the 2 guys ended up fighti ng in my front yard, I managed to take them both luckily, then at that time my dad came running out of the house with his gun and put it to her ex's face, and said he was going to ****ing kill him and his friend if he ****ed with me again, after that I didn't hear much from him.

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and i thought this kinda shit only happened on tv silly me

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lol, cut his wrists? obviously he fails at death too if you cannot even do that right and ends up outside your house.

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Man, people get into some crazy ass relationships. Don't try fighting him. He is not worth your time and obviously has some mental issues if he's slitting his wrist.

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lmao what a loser.. That dude isn't even worth fighting, just wait till he ends himself.. Ppl have problems...

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