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Thumbs down F***ing Unbelievable

I'm amazed by how shady people are.

In late July, my community was doing work on the roads, at one point they cut the pavement and let a manhole uncovered with no signs or anything so once I went over it, it ripped a new ******* to my oil pan.

So my car was down for about a week because community wouldn't get back to me about repairing it so I got a used oil pan from someone on cssnet. A body shop quoted me about 500 bucks to repair it, I don't think I was down with that because I could've done it for $160 on my own. So my car was sitting in my driveway and once I got all the parts together, I started doing the install, didn't take that long since all the oil was already out (spilled back on the road at the scene as you see) so all I had to do is remove the oil pan, put some gasket maker on the new one, install it, torque, give some time for gasket maker to dry up, fill up with oil and good to go.

I live in the condos so there are plenty of neighbors around, while laying under my car my neighbors came out from the condo that's on top of mine and were asking me all the questions about what happened and told me I should sue the community and make them refund me all the money. Told me good luck with fixing it and stuff and left. Couple days later they asked if I got my car running and made a small talk... A couple weeks later they asked if the community ever refunded me the money and made a small talk again.

Today, I get a ticket in the mail that was forwarded to me by my landlord. It was issued in beginning of August but since he was away in another country, he didn't get it until now. Apparently community prohibits maintenance of the vehicles in the driveways (didn't know) and my landlord got a citation for it. Okay the citation is for $25 but what pisses me the hell off the most is... Citation included a picture taken from my neighbor's doorsteps (the ones that kept talking to me about the situation) and you can even see their door frame in it. According to the citation it was the picture taken by the people that reported me to the community.

How much more shady can you be? Talk to me and wish me good luck while purposely ****ing me over and taking a picture of me working on my car and going out of your way to report me to the administration. People amaze me now days.

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What *******s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would break their car window just for that

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That is some ****ed up, shady shit right there. Goddamn buddy ******s.
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welcome to jersey

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yeh wow. I would probably f*ck with them for a long time after they did that. You should like dump oil all over their gardens or some sh*t like that lol. Mob style revenge :P honestly i think all that is complete bullsh*t and i hope some justice comes from it....vigilante or not.
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whoa whoa whoa..Yea those people are shady and you should get them back real good. But how can the community prohibit the maintenance of vehicles in the driveway. Thats just completely retarded.

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What fails is we live in condos so we're right on top of each other, they're on top of me and their driveway is right next to mine so I can't do shit to their lawn because we share one, backyard is a golf course... ugh I ****ing hate these bastards, they're never here either, it's their 250k weekend condo... I'm so mad.

2010 Cobalt SS: Full Bolt-Ons, tuned. -- Sold.
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Yea I don't blame you I would be p***** off to!

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I'd make up a bill for $25, print it out and stick it in there mail box with a due date.

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wow. That sucks. people are shady.
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